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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

{ Simple Tangled Party }

This weekend I threw the girl's birthday party. As per usual, since she and Bean have been dating, the theme has been a surprise. The parties I've had for her in the past are: Mary Poppins, Disney World, and Beauty and the Beast. This year I went with one of her other favorite Disney movies: Tangled.

Since she turned 19, there are no party games involved, but still a lot of fun was had with the decor and food.

At the end of this post I will give a cost breakdown.

Here we go!

First off, this party begged to be held outside since that is where Rapunzel REALLY wanted to go!

Obviously, and most importantly, there are the floating lanterns. Now, I really wanted to get Wish Lanterns and have them, but 1. They are kinda spendy 2. They scare me 3. The ones I wanted (ecolanterns which fully decompose, no wires) would not be here in time. So, it just didn't happen. We did sparklers (see end of post). I made lanterns for decorations. I used a string of outdoor patio type lights. C9 Christmas lights would work too. I cut plain white printer paper into thirds and then added little Tangled suns that I cut with my Silhouette cutter.




Simple, extremely inexpensive, and effective.

I added strings of plain white mini Christmas lights for extra pizzazz. I also moved two of my hanging plants out into the party area.



I hung gold wind spinners (they reminded me of braids) off the Christmas lights along with a Tangled sun looking windchime.

Bean cut pennants out of purple cardstock and then added suns that I cut with my Silhouette.

I added a pom pom garland as well.

I kept food simple since the party was set later after meal time. I made braids (re: Rapunzel's hair) from pizza dough & served with marinara. I also served braided pretzels. For her "cake" I made a brownie in a cast iron skillet. I served all the food in cast iron because of Rapunzel's skillet ;)

I threw in a few filled Twizzlers because they look like her hair.

For the table decorations, I bought a skein of yellow yarn and braided it. I added flowers in the braid like Rapunzel wears.

I also used a flower that I glittered, placed a color changing LED behind, and wrapped it with LED light up leaves. This was the 'Magic Flower'. Nearby was an LED butterfly.

Here is the Magic Flower at night.

Flynn's satchel with tiara were also used as decorations when not being worn by Flynn himself:

"Here comes the smolder..."

Bean and I made luminaries (to look like the floating lanterns) with white lunch sacks, suns cut with my Silhouette, sand, and tea lights. (He actually put the suns on the wrong side. The opposite side of the bags do not have seams. Don't tell him though, he's a good helper. ;) Just a little FYI if you plan to make some).

At dusk:

At dark:

Here is a look at the full set up

And in the dark:

Lights, wind spinners, luminaries, and floating lanterns in the dark:

There was also a lovely moon that night:

Finally, the sparklers, as I mentioned earlier.
(there were more guests, they had mostly left by now though).

Between the food and sparklers, everyone went inside and watched the movie.

It was a fun night & party. I hope I've given you a few ideas for hosting a Tangled party of your own!
For little ones you could do such things as hiding the tiara and sending them on a search for it. Playing pin the tongue on Pascal, and having a hair braiding contest with yarn.

Party Cost Breakdown:


Tablecloth (1): Dollar Tree- $1
Flowers for magic flower & Rapunzel's hair (3): Dollar Tree- $3
Pack of plates (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
Pack of napkins (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
LED leaves for Magic Flower  (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
Gold Spinners (2 in a pack) (2): Family Dollar- $2
Sun windchime (1): Family Dollar- $3
Tiara: (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
LED Butterfly (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
Pom Pom garland (1):  Dollar Tree- $1
Yard for hair (1): Walmart- $3
Colored Cardstock (1 package): Walmart $1 used (full pack $5)
Paper bags for luminaries (1): Walmart- $2
Total: $21

Breadsticks & Marinara: $6
Pretzels: $2.50
Brownie: $3
Twizzlers: $2
Lil Hugs (drinks): $2
Total: $15

Items on hand:
Color changing LED
Printer paper
Baker's twine (to made pennant banner)
Flynn Rider's Disneybound clothing
Silhouette Cutter
Cast iron skillets

Party total (8 guests): $36.50!

A party doesn't have to break the bank to be good :) Hope you enjoyed this post. See my other party plans here. I always try to host fun and budget friendly parties!


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