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About Me

Hi! I'm Tina.

This is what I look like

This is what I act like

I'm the cocoa mixer on this blog.

I've been married to my camera shy childhood sweetheart for like 600 years.
Ok, 20. Whatevs.

We live in the middle of 4 corn fields (no really, there's corn ALL AROUND US) in rural Ohio.

This blog is named after my son, who I have called Sugar Bean since he was small.

This is the Bean!

 How can you resist that smushy face?

Ok, FINE, that was the Bean 8 years ago.

THIS is the Bean
 What do you mean he's wearing a mask and a faux mustache?
That's not normal?

10 points if you can name who he's dressed as (and no, it's not Zorro!).

This is the Bean again!

I'm a huge geek. I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Joss Whedon, The Avengers, X-Men,
Firefly, etc, etc, etc.


Harry Potter is my main fandom though. Here's part of my book collection

 I know. I have a problem.

I've purchased at least 5 books since this photo was taken.

See my Harry Potter posts here!

In Sept. 2012, I finally fulfilled my dream of visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

 Read an in depth post about my trip here.

While in Orlando, we also went to The Magic Kingdom, which I now refer to the place I never knew I wanted to visit.

Want Disney tips? I've got those here too.

By the way, I'm now a complete and total Disney nerd.
They pump fandom through the air there or something.

I'm a Vlogbrothers Fan Girl. I've been watching them since 2007 &
have read all of John's books. I'm a true Nerdfighter (no, we don't fight nerds, we ARE nerds).

In Oct 2012, I got to meet John at a book signing. SO exciting.
Then I made cookies, read about that here.

  I love to read, I'm obsessed with ebooks.

I'm also obsessed with my iPad & on a smaller scale my iPhone.

This is my kitchen

I'm a VERY messy baker.

This is my cat. He is adorable.

His name is Fairley Bueller.

Yes. I'm being serious.

These are the dogs. They are weird.

Jingle Bella

Luna Rosa Lovegood

This is what I shoot with. Her name is Martha.

 And I love her.

My favorite time of year, BY FAR is Christmas.
I'm a little crazy about it.

 I don't really like sweets much. What is that about, right?
I'm a sour/salty kinda girl. I love, love, love baking for others though, it makes me happy.

This is the view outside my front door

Favorite time!

Book Series: Harry Potter, of course.

Authors: J.K. Rowling (of course) and John Green

Bands: Coldplay, Switchfoot

TV Shows:  Doctor Who, Dance Academy, Call The Midwife, The Middle, The Goldbergs, Sherlock

Canceled TV Shows: Firefly, Felicity, Friends, The West Wing, Smash, Psych, Downton Abbey

Movie: The Princess Bride, Harry Potter x8, Love Actually, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet's Society

Actors: Alan Rickman & Maggie Smith for pure talent

Brad Pitt & James McAvoy to look at

David Tennant. Because, um, David Tennant.

Alan Rickman again. Because sexy.
(quit judging me!)

Robert Downey Jr. - duh, He's Iron Man.

Food: Spicy foods, Mexican, Buffalo things, Hot Fries. Yeah.
Salty things. Sour things. And shrimp. Oh, my, I love the shrimp.
And crab legs. And cheesecake.

Still want more info?

Umm.. ok.

I like TV, and movies. And books. Oh, did I mention I'm a die hard Harry Potter Geek? ;) I have one son, who somehow is now 16 years old. Not sure when that happened. I live on a farm in rural Ohio. Different, fun, crazy, reliable, random, creative, forgetful, caring, clever, giving, easily annoyed, math challenged, and walking the ragged edge of geekiness ;)

That's me.

Thanks for stopping in. Pull up a cupcake and stay a while.

Are you a Social Birdy?
If so, find me on


  1. Oh, my gosh. You're the funniest. LOVE. Oh, and that fake mustache? Alarmingly realistic. I saw that and was all, "wow, such a baby-face to have a musty!" Heh. Joke's on me.
    I'll pull up a cupcake, fo' shizzle. And visit your imaginary photog studio-plus-bakery with pleasure. (Nope, not weird.)

  2. Hi Tina, I'm a Hoosier girl so we're neighbors! I love the pics of your kid/furkids!
    Sherry K-Jazzy Gourmet

  3. WESLEY! Sorry had to claim my 10 points before someone else did.

    1. Right you are! 10 points to..... Gryffindor??

    2. Everyone always gets his name wrong... It's Westley. =D

      Tina, I read this and your page about the Buckeye Cheeseball and kept thinking of myself! It seems we have a lot in common. I'm glad I found you from Pinterest!

    3. YES. YES. YES. His name is Westley :D A lot of people forget that "T".

      I'm glad you found me from Pinterest too! Welcome :D

  4. Hi Tina- just wanted to say thanks for linking up to my special About Me Pity Party last week. I loved reading about you! This about me page is awesome- I can totally see your personality. And I love that you live surrounded by corn. That would be awesome. I'm in LA with a house every 3 feet. Nice to meet you!

  5. Tina! This is BY FAR the greatest and bestest "About Me" page I've ever read.


  6. Hi Tina. Great Getting to KNOW you!!! Has anyone told you, you should write a BOOK!!

  7. Hi Tina. Nicely detailed! Had heard of your blog but knew more via Darla at Bakingdom. Found her blog searching for Harry stuff for my wee geek's party. Looking forward to your next Harry party. Wee person is 8 and I am 44 and some say I am a bigger geek than her!

    1. Hi Bernadette! My party is in just 3 days, so I'd better get to finishing! Hope to have the post up early next week :)

  8. I'd like to start off by saying we could totally be best friends, even if you're from Ohio and I'm from Wisconsin. Secondly, how did you decide to start a blog. I've been thinking about it for year and just cant seem to figure it out. I look forward to reading your blog!!!

  9. So, after having my first comment deleted when I signed into Google, I read your post about pumpkin bread. I have decided that we should be best friends. Even though you are from Ohio and I am from Wisconsin and there is an unwritten rule that we should hate each other. I am totally making your Hogwarts Letter Cookies for my friends birthday in December. I think she might die of a heart attack. That is all.

    1. Mia, hi! I'm glad you found and are enjoying my blog. It's full of geekery if you poke around :D Geeks rule! Please let me know what your friend thinks of her cookie!

      I started my blog at the suggestion of a friend after I kept posting my baked goods on my Facebook page.

  10. Happy to find your blog. I will be bookmarking it.

  11. Hi Joy! Glad to have you at my little spot on the big web :)

  12. Hi Tina ~ I found your Blog via Pinterest! I just copied the recipe for peanut butter cheerio treats. I live in the country too, and am ALMOST surrounded by apple orchards, not ours, but we have the joy of having them for their beauty when they blossom and when they bear fruit.

    We live a little over 25 miles from Niagara Falls and 15 miles from Lake Ontario.

  13. Great "about me page. Very entertaining. Read the whole thing and the comments.


...because life should be sweet.


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