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Saturday, December 1, 2012

{ Candy Cane & Chocolate Cupcakes }

Since it's Christmastime, I thought I'd readdress a super popular recipe that I already have up here on my blog.

My Chocolate Mint Cupcakes are the 2nd most popular recipe of all time right now.

Which, is kinda funny, because I just wanted a way to use my Andes Mints. It wasn't a thought out recipe. I just started melting them, and, *light blub*.

I have kinda an obsession when it comes to chocolate and mint.

York Peppermint Patties? Yes. Andes? Yes (obvs). Thin Mint Cookies? YES. Mint Oreos?


Luckily, all 3 of us here like the combo.

Last year, when the Bean when on his first date with Girlfriend, I took them to get ice cream after. (Yes, I was there, they were 14, no one drove & we are too rural to walk anywhere, except the neighboring soy bean fields, which isn't a very exciting date, honestly. ). Girlfriend ordered Mint Chocolate Chip. Yeah, I like her. She can stay.

When I was planning out my list of posts for Christmas, this one popped into my mind. It's the same glaze recipe, different flavor cupcakes, different topping. That's all!

Candy Cane & Chocolate Cupcakes

You'll need:
24 white cupcakes, baked and cooled*

*While making your cupcakes you can add Peppermint Extract to them if you wish.
I'd start with 1/4 teaspoon and taste your batter. Peppermint Extract is strong and a little goes a long way. Be very careful to NOT use Peppermint OIL. It is extra strong.

Chocolate Mint Glaze:
Recipe by Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers
12 Andes Mints
1/4 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
3-4 Tablespoons HOT Water
Dash of Vanilla

At 15 second intervals, melt the Andes with the butter. Stir after every 15 seconds (only took 1 minute total in my microwave), whisk until glossy. Add powdered sugar and 3 Tablespoons of Water, and again, whisk until glossy. If not thin enough, add the 4th Tablespoon and whisk. Lastly, whisk in the vanilla.
You can then either dunk your cupcakes (as shown in the original post), or just spoon on.
Top with a mixture of crushed candy canes & sugar or candy canes and Christmas sprinkles.
(I used candy canes & pure cane sugar). 
Pretty. Festive. Tasty. Easy.

You could also fill these guys with a cream filling.
That would be excellent. Unfortunately, I thought of that AFTER
I was finished.

Of course, you could always make these chocolate, like the original recipe, & just top with the peppermints.

So many options! Gotta love that.

Happy Christmas ~Tina


  1. Sooooo...I waited and waited for you to bring these over and you never did. So what gives??

    Whatever. ;)

    The lighting in these pics looks great.


...because life should be sweet.


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