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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{ Homemade Chicken & Noodles? Yes, please! }

Ahhhh... comfort food.

Who can't love that?

What is your favorite comfort food? 

Mine is a tie between mashed potatoes and these... homemade chicken and noodles.

If you are really evil, you'll put your noodles OVER the mashed potatoes.

Carb friendly? I think not.

My mom has been making these noodles for as long as I can remember. She used to make them every year for the county hospital bazaar. She would make and dry them, then bag to sell. In the week prior to the bazaar, we'd have noodles hanging on a rack on top of the dining room table for days. I used to like to help her break them. I don't know why, but it made me happy to snap them. (If there are any psychologists reading, please don't tell me what that says about me, kthanks). 

Once at the bazaar, they sure didn't last long. They were a hot seller.

You can feel free to make these and dry them. It will take a while longer for them to cook, once dried, however.

Actually, my  mom still makes them for a bazaar, just a different one. Now, she sells them cooked  at the Christmas Craft Bazaar in the food booth. She makes 2 roasters full, and never comes home with any. Nary a noodle left.

My, often BPIC and BFF (Baking Partner in Crime & Besty Friend Forevah), Lori, had to have surgery on her ankle, due to a car accident she was in a couple years ago, so we made some for her. And for us, and for some people at church.

Something like 16 recipes. Yes, we did. Oh, "we" is myself and my momma, of course.

Ok, I know I'm a real loser here, but I cannot find the card with the rest of the noodle photos on it.

So, pretend with me, please?

Bea's Homemade Noodles

What you'll need is:

Cooked and shredded chicken*

Chicken broth/stock*

1 Cup Flour

1 Egg

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon chicken soup base (like McCormick- optional)*

2 Tablespoons milk

*if making Beef and Noodles, use beef broth/stock, and, you know.. beef instead of chicken.

Throw together in a mixer with a dough hook, or do it like mom does- in a food processor. You can also mix by hand, but ya gotta get in there, with your fingers. It will require a good bit of kneading to get it smooth enough.

It will be properly mixed when the dough forms a smooth ball in the mixer/processor.

Turn out onto a well floured surface, if the dough is still tacky, roll it around in the flour and knead a little. Then, roll out thinly. My mom rolls hers thinner than I do, but roll to your preference. 

(I just said 'roll' a lot).

Mom uses this funny little contraption to cut

(forgive the photo, I took it with my phone)

I cannot find one online to show you though. I did find these, which look quite nice, but I know absolutely  nothing about.

I, however, go old school. I like to roll up the dough, then cut with a knife. Then you have to unroll each noodle. Mom says I'm wasting time.

Probably right ;)

You can also use a pizza cutter either with the dough still flat out, or the dough rolled.

Always be generous with your flour!

You will want to cut these down shorter as well, unless you like long, spaghetti length noodles. If that's the case, you are golden.

As you cut, lay your noodles on a floured baking sheet. Dust and toss them as you add more. This will prevent clumping.

You can hang or lay your noodles to dry, but I prefer to drop right away and cook.

Drop a few at a time (to prevent clumping) into chicken stock (or beef if you want beef and noodles) when it is at a rolling boil. After you've dropped your noodles, reduce heat to low.

Cook for about 30 minutes, depending on thickness, until tender. If your noodles are super thin, they will cook much faster. Stir often.

Recipe feeds 2.
I love, love, love to make these with mom on Thanksgiving in the afternoon after everything else is already cleared. Turkey and noodles... yurm.
Here's another noodle recipe, it's basically the same, but a little more eggy. Also, his must be VERY thin, because mom's do not cook in 2 minutes!

They show you great step by step photos (which I failed at).

Here are all kinds of tips on making/cooking noodles.

Making noodles for the first time is kind of a learning process, but it's not hard. 

Just remember



  1. I have chicken and noodles on my menu for next week and I am EVIL. Will only eat them over mashed taters :)

  2. I love chicken and noodles! =)
    this recipe looks awesome!! and..I agree - they taste "best"..over mashed potatoes!
    and I enjoy Gooseberry Patch!!

  3. There is nothing like a great bowl of homemade noodles, I can almost taste those awesome noodles! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you had a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Enjoy your new Red Plate and come back soon!
    Miz Helen


  6. Love noodles. Love them on potatoes. Yes, I roll that way. Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Have a great week!

    Everyday Mom's Meals

  7. A little late to the game, but your mom's recipe sounds delicious! I have a cutter similar to your mom's which I was told when I received it was for chopping herbs. Nice to know it'll work for noodles, too----I like kitchen tools that multi-task!


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