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Friday, November 4, 2011

{ Edible Thanksgiving Place Cards }

What's the best thing about Thanksgiving?

Yeah, eating.

You know it. 


Oh, sorry, being Thankful. 

My bad. 

Eating runs a close second! 

So, these place cards? Totally edible. 

That's good stuff, right? 


What you will need to make these projects are:  

Green Tic Tacs 
Sunflower Seed (hulled) or Pretzel Sticks 
White Melting Chocolate 
Lollipop Sticks 
Orange Sanding Sugar 
Orange Candy Color (optional)  

Melting Chocolate 
Striped Shortbread Cookies 
Candy Corn or Indian Corn 
Icing Writers or Small Sprinkles 
Tootsie Rolls (optional) 
Assorted Sprinkles or Icing Writers
Round Candies (I used Whoppers) 

For the Pumpkins, we start by melting the chocolate, then adding the candy coloring. You must use special candy coloring for chocolate, regular food coloring will not work. You can also leave the chocolate white or use orange candy melts. I never have great luck with the melts, so I tend to stick with Almond Bark.

Dip a lollipop stick (we totally call these 'suckers' instead of lollipops here. Anywhere else have suckers?) in a little chocolate, then into your mallow. Allow to dry.

After completely dry, dip the entire marshmallow in the chocolate. Lightly tap the hand holding the stick with your other hand, this will get the excess chocolate to drip off.

Next, over a bowl, to catch, totally coat your marshmallow with orange sanding sugar. You can leave the bottom without, if you like, I did that with some of mine, but I prefer the fully coated mallows.

Yes, I totally got chocolate down this stick. Try not to be like me.

I use a block of inexpensive foam, that you can purchase at any discount or craft store, to stick pop projects in. Very useful.

I wrap it up after, and save for next time.

Next, we are going to add a stem and a leaf.
The stems I used were Sunflower Kernels, but a pretzel stick would be great as well, possibly better.

For the leaf, I used a green Tic Tac, I feel some of the gummy candies would work great also, or a cut and squished gum drop. Be creative, it's up to you!

Dip your stem in a little chocolate, then poke in the top.

Do the same for your leaf, but you may have to hold it there for a minute. Shouldn't take too long to initially set.

Then.. just let dry!

For Mr. Turkey, we start also, with a dipped mallow. This one stickless, and in chocolate chocolate, not white. Unless Albino Turkeys are your thing. Then... feel free.

Allow the mallows to dry, then use some chocolate to adhere the chocolate side of the shortbread cookie to the back of the mallow. It's easiest to work with our turkeys on their backs. 

They also enjoy the resting time.

Add the whopper for his head, and hold for a minute or so, until it sticks.
Add sprinkles or using icing writers to make his face. Here I used white nonpareils for his eyes (I added his pupil by dipping a toothpick in melted chocolate and dabbing it on), a mini yellow chocolate chip for his beak, and a heart sprinkle for his waddle. You can use a chocolate mini chip for his beak or cut off the white end of a candy corn for it as well.

Add a bit of chocolate to the cookie.

Here is a photo of my progress. If you want, you can totally pull off doing this neatly. I, obviously, cannot.

I won't judge you if you are neat though. 

Be jealous? Maybe. Judge? No.

Attach your candy corn to the chocolate you just applied.

After that, make little name tags, and attach to toothpicks, and.. you can be totally done.


You can make him a funny little hat.

Feel how you want, but I think funny little hats are always in season!

All you need for these are toostie rolls, Just shape with your fingers until you've made a little brim & top part of the hat. Use the melted chocolate to attach together, then to his head. You can add a shaped sprinkle or a little icing writer for the final touch.

My guy has a flower, just because he's worth it.

These would be great to make in an assembly line fashion. Unfortunately, rare is the time that I have an assembly line formation. It's usually just me. All alone. In the kitchen. Doing all the work. 


Have you all seen the "Childhood is Calling" commercials? It's for a cereal. A cereal that you can make 'treats' out of- yeah, youknowhatimean... Anyway, those commercials always make me misty. The Bean and I used to bake in the kitchen together all the time. If Childhood is Calling, then Teenagehood is Texting, and it never seems to say "go hlp ur mom n the ktchn".

Darn technology.

Anyway... Turkeys in Hats!

Please ignore the tape fail on the nametag...

And.. some pumpkin goodness:

  hanging out at the edge of your glass

or laying in a bowl

or with the silverware

and hey, turkeys like silverware too!

Pumpkin tastes good. Turkey tastes good. As do these.

Just in a different way.

So you can have your place card, and eat it too!

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving posts!




  1. Wow, these are so creative! I'd love to link up to your tutorial if that's okay with you. Let me know...



...because life should be sweet.


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