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Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Butterbeer Shake}

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So, today is yet another of my favorite character's birthdays. For years, Remus Lupin was my favorite character outside of the Harry Potter Trio. Then, I met the wonder that was Luna Lovegood, and it was over. She was, is, and will forever be my favorite character. When I grow up, I wanna be Luna Freaking Lovegood.

Lupin was a great father figure character to Harry though, and I really loved that about him. He treated Harry with respect and kindness all while being stern with him when needed.

As you all know by now, I'm a little bit of a Harry Potter uber fan. You can see my prior Harry Potter posts here.

So, Happy Birthday Lupin! I kinda heart you, Moony.

Last night, I posted a photo of my puppy, Luna on Instagram. My friend Darla sent me the cuuuutest lil Butterbeer cork necklace. I jokingly said that Luna needed one for her collar. A few days later, guess what was in my mail?

So, here is Luna (who wouldn't stand still, thus the blurry photo) wearing her Butterbeer Cork.

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I hashtagged the photo #Butterbeer, and clicked to see the other photos. I saw one of a Starbucks Butterbeer Frap. WHAT WHAT? It's totally real, on their secret menu (did you know Starbucks has a secret menu? Cause they DO! I love to order off it!).

Today, after church, I scurried to the closest one (sadly 15 mins away) and ordered.


Now. It's OK. Sorry, Starbucks. It'll do in a pinch, but they use a toffee nut flavoring it in that is just too nutty for Butterbeer.

I had talked about trying to make a Butterbeer Shake with Darla last night. After the Frap that was 'only ok', I thought it was so time to do it.

It's a really simple recipe. 

Vanilla ice cream, butter flavoring, vanilla cream soda, butterscotch & caramel ice cream topping.

Zoom it all up in a blender, and shazam!

Butterbeer Shake.

I asked the Bean to come in and taste it for me. Before I knew what happened, he'd drank it ALL, and I had none for a photo. I had to make another. I had to beg and plead, but he finally agreed to drink the second.

Yeah, right.

Since this is mixed with cream soda and not milk, it will try to separate if you don't drink it right down, but just give 'er a stir and you are back in business.

When I was at Wizarding World, I exclaimed that the Butterbeer tasted like liquid cake batter. As he was drinking this, the Bean said, this tastes like cookie dough. I asked what I  had said Butterbeer tasted like, and he said "Cake batter! That's what this tastes like!". I think it's pretty dang close- shake wise.

That said, like most shakes, and most definitely Butterbeer, it's very sweet... but yummy.

Happy Birthday, Remus, the shakes are on me!


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Butterbeer Shake
Recipe by Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers

(serves 1, easily doubled/tripled/etc)

1 cup softened vanilla bean ice cream
1/2 cup vanilla cream soda
1/2 teaspoon butter flavoring
1 Tablespoon butterscotch caramel ice cream topping* 
(or 1 1/2 teaspoons butterscotch ice cream topping & 1 1/2 teaspoons caramel ice cream topping if you can't find the combo)

*more to drizzle

Add in a blender and blend until smooth. Be wary of the soda, it will fizz up a bit when you start to blend. Top with whipped cream if you wish & drizzle with extra ice cream topping.


  1. Sooo delicious looking! And how cute is that little cork? Almost as cute as little Luna!

  2. This sounds soooo delicious!! And I love Luna's cork. She just needs a radish to go with it!!

  3. Can't. Stand. The Cuteness. LOVE everything about this post. The HP figurines. The birthday wishes to Lupin. The Butterbeer shakes. And the cute cork on the dog!!!

  4. Love this! I am also a Harry Potter geek! My daughter is 2 and asks to watch Harry Potter!I found you through Pinterest and have been stalking your blog! Love it!

  5. This looks absolutely amazing! Definitely going to make this!

    The Girly Gamer

  6. This looks absolutely amazing can not wait to try it


...because life should be sweet.


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