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Monday, August 26, 2013

{Craft: Wizard Wands}

My big Harry Potter birthday party is coming up in, um, 5 days. HOLY COW. I'd better get busy.

This year I've had a hard time transitioning from the 'planning and thinking' stage to the 'doing and finishing' stage. Oy.

That's why this post? Short. To the point. Amen.

Cause ready or not, it's coming up this Saturday.

You can see last year's party here. It is one of the most popular posts on this blog.

 Last year's party was for Harry's birthday. This year's party is a Back to Hogwarts party, since term starts Sept. 1, and also, MY birthday party. That's right folks, I just turned 40 and I'm throwing myself a Harry Potter birthday party. People think I'm weird and childish? I don't even care.

(Updated: See 2013 Harry Potter Party here!)

One of the most popular elements at the party last year were the handmade wands that my niece, Bean, and I made. They are easy and inexpensive. They also LOOK AWESOME.

My tutorial is based off this awesome tut by majann on DeviantArt.

Last year I followed her tutorial to the letter, this year, I changed it up a little.

First of all, we will start off with these

Bamboo Skewers. A pack of 100 will run you about $3. (she uses chopsticks).

I like the skewers because I clipped them at different lengths so the wands are different sizes. They are also easier to find in the stores, and unless you are nicking them from the Chinese restaurant, cheaper as well.

You will need a glue gun and hot glue. You CAN use low temp hot glue, but it doesn't work as well in my opinion. I recommend high temp hot glue. Therefore, this is NOT NOT NOT a project for kids. The high temp hot glue, if you don't know, is SEARINGLY, SKIN PEELINGLY HOT. USE EXTREME CAUTION.

Now that I've got the ALL CAPS warning out of the way...

Step 1:

snip your skewer to the length you wish

Step 2: 

Shape your wand

Apply hot glue

 just kind of daub it on there. Slowly turn your skewer to allow it to cool (DO NOT TOUCH). Move your skewer up and down and all around to let the glue drip.

Add more and more glue.

Soon, you will have what looks like a handle.

Keep adding glue, turning, allowing to dry until you get a shape you are happy with.

I also like to add a bit of glue to the bottom of the wand to give it texture. Also, either snip the sharp tip of the skewer off, or be sure to cover it in glue. They are quite pointy.

Once you are happy with your wand shape, allow the glue to dry fully.

I use 1-3 sticks of glue per wand.

You can also cut a skewer and add to the top to make the handle more substantial if you want.

Majann adds beads and such to her's to make more texture. You can do this too, of course!

Step 3:


Inexpensive craft paint works fine. You will find yourself having to add at least 2 coats. The glue is kind of hard to cover. Paint one side, allow to dry, paint the other side, repeat. I like to use the foam brushes like I have here. The glue leaves lots of little indentations that are very easy to get to with these brushes.

Allow to fully dry.

Step 4:

Spray on some clear coat.

Allow to dry.

Once finished, I add an Ollivander's tag with the wand's info. Length, wood type, core ingredient.

And... that's it. Step back and wait for the admiration. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. Everyone LOVED their wand last year!

A little time consuming, but so simple, and so much fun... just BEWARE THE HOT GLUE (in case I haven't made that obvious enough already!).

Wands this awesome from skewers and hot glue?

Must be magic!



  1. Really awesome! I hosted a Harry Potter party this summer with a friend, it was so much fun! Totally gonna make these wands the next time! And yes, all the exclamation marks are totally necessary, haha :)

  2. These wands are awesome and funnnnnnn! Just be careful. I speak from experience! ha.


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