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Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Oh My…Holy Rolls!}

So, since forever ago, I’ve been wanting to make The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls.

Problem is, I have a family of three, and this makes seven pans. Yes, I said seven PANS. Even at my hungriest, I can’t eat that much.

No, really, I can’t.

I planned to make them at Christmas and give them as gifts. However, I used a packet of yeast and forgot to buy another until… well, last week. Actually I bought a jar, but – semantics, folks.

I wondered who I could dole all these out to. Then it hit me.

Church people.

I don’t know if you realize this, but church people are always hungry.
It’s a fact of life.

I set (sat?) about my task last night at 8pm.

By 9 pm I was crying.

Real tears.

Ok, so I wasn’t, but I like to be dramatic. I can’t help it. It’s who I is.

1. I ran out of flour.

2. these things are sticky and messy, and they looked really ugly.

3. I thought no one would ever eat them.

4. I was COVERED in flour. I mean it. I looked like the dough boy- and not just cuz I’m chubby.

5. I ran out of powdered sugar.

SERIOULSY? yes, seriously.

First crisis averted when I ran to the store to get more flour.

But when it came time to go back out for the sugar, I was not excited. 

And, um.. covered in flour, remember?

My parents live 2 houses down. They weren’t home. They gave me a key. That was their first mistake. 

So, I rumbled through their cabinets and found said sugar.

And I left this note:

I have taken your powdered sugar.
If you wish to see it alive again call 000-000-0000 when you arrive home.

They never called.

R.I.P Powdered Sugar.

Meanwhile back at the ranch….

I mean that literally, Pioneer Woman lives on a ranch. I was tweeting my frustrations when, lo and behold, PW replied to me.

Our tweeted conversation:

ME: I'm making @thepioneerwoman 's cinnamon rolls for the 1st time. Pray they come out. because if they do, they're going to church tomorrow :)
Me: this is not going well @thepioneerwoman 
PW: @DSPTina Tell me what's up! I'll walk you through it. 
ME: @thepioneerwoman thanks, hon, but they are rising now. i'm covered in flour and a little dogtrodden, lol. They are just small and stickeeey 
PW: @DSPTina Very normal! They're a total mess...but worth it. (Next time, refrigerate the dough; easier to work with!) 
ME: @thepioneerwoman Oh, thanks, great tip! :) 
ME: @thepioneerwoman did I say dogtrodden. haha.. I meant downtrodden. Or maybe I didn't. :) 
PW: @DSPTina I thought I had learned a new word tonight! 
ME: @thepioneerwoman sure, let's go with that! 
(this is where she becomes bored with me and goes off to brush her long red hair, or herd cattle, I know not. Ree? Ree??? Are you home? *knocks on computer screen*). 
ME: @thepioneerwoman BTW, the rolls went in looking a HOT stinkin mess, and came out brown and beautiful. I didn't know you had magic recipes! 
ME: just so you all know @thepioneerwoman 's cinnamon rolls are WORTH THE EFFORT. I may never love again after these! 
Anyway, I took only one preparation photo and it's from my phone, because I’m linking you to her site, and she has photos that are more tasty than her food. Or, almost.

I never planned to share it here, but what the hey- I have no pride.


This is the roll before I started slicing. FYI, my bar is 4 foot long. And this is the SECOND roll. Did I mention this recipe makes a TON?

And yes, my kitchen was a HOT MESS after.

They went in the pan looking sad and pathetic, that’s not how them came out of the oven though.


and.. the “lots” that it makes- I counted 74 rolls.


So, enough with the yapping and get on with the recipe givin’, you say?

OK, but promise me that you’ll not go off, get lost in her huge, massive, wonderful, stupendous recipe collection and never come back to my teeny corner of the interwebs, ok?

Just remember, you promised!
With a whisk and a dream and a whole lotta cinnamon rolls*, Tina

*not really, those church people… they took care of ‘em!

**Oh, note #2, She says in that link to use 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups of butter each time you roll out. I only used 1/2 cup on each for 1 cup total. I apparently fail at reading directions, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like with that much butter. I don’t think I could have sliced mine!


  1. Love PW's cinnamon rolls! Have you tried her sheet cake? Awesome!

  2. Yes! It's the Bean's favorite. I actually posted it in January :)

  3. LOVE this post! And I LOVE these cinnamon rolls! Glad to see that you finally made them. : )

    The next time I make them, I may try to make them smaller. I think I've made them three times, and each time I come out with two baking sheets, for a total of 30 GINORMOUS rolls.

    Did you know you can use this same dough to make her dinner rolls? I'm pretty sure the recipe is the exact same thing, minus the cinnamon, sugar, and melted butter.


...because life should be sweet.


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