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Saturday, May 28, 2011

{Holy Moses Dip}

This dip is from my friend, Lori.
I think she’s evil* because this dip is sinful.
Sinful I tell you!
*not really, she’s great ;)

Make it when you are having company over. If you don’t, you’ll probably hole up in a closet and eat it all by
Seriously, it’s.that.good.
It’s called “Holy Moses Dip” because the first time I tasted it, I said “Holy Moses that is gooooooood!”.
I may or may not have had a mouthful of chip and dip at that point.
We need not discuss such things.
After all, I am a lady.
Ok, I just made myself laugh at that.
By the way, I have no idea what Lori calls it…? She just told me it was an amazing dip. She did not lie.
This dip and all it’s delicousness comes from just 4 ingredients.
Here’s whatcha need:

Holy Moses Dip
1 tub sour cream -16 ounces
1 package powdered ranch dressing mix (aka Hidden Valley) –4 ounces
1 package REAL bacon bits* (not the hard crunch kind) –3 ounces
1-2 cups cheddar cheese (mild or sharp, your choice, I use mild)

*the more industrious person could fry up about 6 pieces of bacon, but, I’m not that industrious.

Plus I don’t want to smell like bacon.
Y’all know you smell like it after you fry it. It’s a fact of life.
Preeeeetty simple here folks.
First plop the sour cream into a mixing bowl, like so

add the dressing

and the bacon

The cheese

oooh lookit how pretty.


Too bad we are stirring it up. Let’s just appreciate the beauty here for a second.

Enough of that, now STIR, my lovelies, stir!

Let sit a few hours or over night for the best flavor.
Then eat it, and yell out “Holy Moses that’s good!”
What? Is that just me??
Great for parties and picnics!

I suppose you could serve it with raw veggies instead of chips.
But that seems like a waste of perfectly good junk food.
I stand corrected, this is NOT junk food. I mean, look- you’ve got dairy, meat, and vegetables.
Potato chips aren’t a vegetable? I’m not sure I believe you.

I’ll consult Google next.

Did I say, “yum”?

Remember, serve to a crowd. Or you’ll be doing the walk of shame from that closet, with greasy fingers and sour cream lips!

Don’t blame me, I stamped this puppy with a warning label!

Here’s the handy dandy printable recipe.


posted at Mommy’s Kitchen Sunday Potluck for 5/29/11
posted on Fat Camp Fridays @ Mangoes & Chutney for 8/27/11 
posted at Hugs & Cook ies XOXO  10/12/11


  1. Wow---this does look sinful! I do love a good dip. Definitely going to make soon. Would love to share w/ my readers,, if you don't mind. I also give credit!

  2. yes, feel free! :) as long as you credit my friend Lori too, lol. Would appreciate a link back.

  3. Sure, I always link when I mention:) So they can read about your "evil" friend :) Thanks

  4. Tina! I love reading your posts! You crack me up, girl, and this dip looks amazing! I'm going to make it some day soon. :D

  5. We've been making this for years. It is addictive!!! IF we have any leftover, we always use it on baked potatoes. YUM!

  6. oh Lola, that's a genius idea! Thanks for posting.

  7. I love it and next time I have these ingredients, I will try it for sure! Welcome to Fat Camp Friday. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, come back next time!

  8. Just found your blog an I'm a fan already. Yummy food and little humor? Yes please. I've had this dip in the past and it is sooo good, though it is on the salty side, maybe pair it with no salt chips to balance out?

  9. Thanks, Jenn! Glad you found my lil piece 'o the web!


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