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Monday, May 20, 2013

{Photo Booth DIY}

I know I've mentioned the Bean's upcoming 16th Birthday Bash. (Yeah, like eleventy million times, sorry!). It's just a few days away now! Woop!

We've got lots of fun things planned. I mentioned the food 'bars', and posted about one (Snow Cone Bar).

One of the fun things I'm doing is a photo booth.

So, see, I'm kinda obsessed with the show Four Weddings. I love it because it gives me all kinds of devious plans for future parties. I'm actually using a few for this party alone. One idea I keep seeing repeated is a photo booth. After snooping around on the net, I figured out, you know what? I can do this myself. Easily. I don't need to buy the pre-made packages of props that sell for $20-30 and over.

What DID I need?

Wooden Dowels
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue

That's it. I simply drew and cut out the shapes you see above.

Ok, I have a background in graphics, but here's a little secret. I CANNOT DRAW. My stick figures are sad, strange lil creatures. If I can do these, so can you. The fact that they aren't perfect lend a little more fun to the props. For serious.

Draw and cut the shapes out.

Then, flip over and add a dot of hot glue (I put my dowels on the right because most people are right handed). Add the tiny wooden dowel. Allow to cool.


The cardstock cost about 59 cents a sheet. You can get a LOT out of one sheet. I only had one sheet of each color shown above.

The dowels were $2.79/30

Glue, Glue gun, pencil, and scissors I already owned ;)

It took me about an hour to get all of these done, which I did while I watched Grey's Anatomy, thankyouverymuch.

I made 15 different designs. Ties, lips, mustaches, and a monocle, cause monocle.

For the backdrop I used a black plastic tablecloth, which cost $1.99 at Party City.

In these photos it is fresh out of the bag. I recommend letting it hang for a couple days so some of the fold marks drop out.

I also made a pennant bunting from cardstock, bakers twine, and little clothespins. I simply cut and hot glued the pennants to the twine. The clothespins are for decorative purposes only.

I did buy a few pre-made props. Head boppers, over sized sunglasses, small chalkboard, and plastic fedoras. However, these are totally not necessary for awesome Photo Booth pics!

At the party, I will have a sign that reads:

Snap away with your cells
Or find me for photos!

Want to see the results?

To get the classic Photo Booth look to the pics, you can take them into Photoshop to create this:

If you are taking your photos with a smart phone, you can use an app called PicFrame to frame (I believe it costs 99 cents, but there may be free ones out there) your pics. The PicFrame frame is a little different, very wide on the sides, but when you print it, you can simply cut the sides down.

Or, just use as they are, because they are pretty much a whole lotta fun no matter the frame!

I will be printing these up (with the photo booth frame) as thank yous for the guests.

Do you think they'll have fun with this? I think they'll have fun with this! 

So there you have it. For a few bucks and a little bit of time, you can capture some amazingly fun memories!

Say Cheese & Ham it up!


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  1. This looks like so much fun :) I know it will be a great hit at the party!

  2. Those are such cool props! I love photo booths at parties!


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