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Saturday, May 31, 2014

{ Like A Sir Party }

For a quick and fun get together, add a little splash of panache with some 'stache!

Yes. I think I'm clever with the rhyming.

This is a party I actually had over a year ago, just never got around to posting. I happened across the photos today, and thought, why not?!

It's very easy, and you could gather many other ideas for it, if you wanted to make it more involved. We had a TON of fun with just these few elements though.

First and foremost, you need 'staches. I got mine from a local store (stick ons) and Amazon (finger staches).

 I also had chocolate 'staches, because chocolate 'staches.

 I found the mold on Amazon as well. The little signs are always the best part. Make sure you do them :)

Add in a few party foods:

 One of the rules of the night was that you had to finish all the actions you stated with "like a sir". "I'm going to get a a sir.", "Let's play a a sir.", "I'm going in the living a sir.". It got to the point where if someone forgot, the whole room chimed in with "like a sir". It was pretty funny!

 My niece, being all creeper 'stachey.

The finger 'staches were a hit!

As were the chocolate 'staches, of course.

Actually, ALL of the 'staches were a huge hit...

and this simple party was a blast!

It was, of course, best enjoyed... like a sir!



  1. OH my gosh. Totally cute. I can't even.

  2. So cute! Your parties always sound like so much fun :)
    ~Maya :):


...because life should be sweet.


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