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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

{ Oh The Places You'll Go Party }

I'm finally sharing Bean's graduation party!

I wish I could tell you that everything went off without a hitch and that I have beautiful photos to share with you, but that is not true.

After having not rained for weeks, the weather report was for, you guessed it, rain.

We went ahead and set up the tent and got things ready, but then, it started to rain. It was a few hours before the party though, so we thought it would be ok. Well, hubs was more convinced than I.

One and a half hours before the party, I decided it would be best to move the location from our backyard to our church.

A lot of scrambling to get things moved and set up took place in that amount of time. I arrived at the church less than one hour before the party began. Thanks to awesome friends who showed up to help, everything got set up.

It may have not been how I'd pictured his party, in our lushy green backyard with hot air balloons hanging from the trees, but this was the party that we had and Bean was still thrilled.

Also, I left my camera at home in the rush. Oops. These are all taken with my phone.

I found the poster decorations on Amazon.

These are what were supposed to hang from our trees. Instead they hung from the basketball hoop in our church gym. Oh well.

I found the tiny baskets on Amazon as well and tied them onto balloons.

For the food I had a Walking Taco bar.

Bags of Fritos and Doritos along with taco meat, salsa, nacho cheese, shredded cheeses, onion, sour cream, jalapenos, onion, and lettuce.

Multi colored Goldfish crackers became Fish in a Dish

Truffala Treats (make the same as Rice Krispy Treats but with Trix cereal instead)

Dipped Marshmallows and Pretzels in Seuss colors

And a Candy Bar

I went the day after Easter and snatched up all the pastel colored candy I could grab for this. The colors match perfectly and 50-75% off, heck yeah!

You can barely see them off to the side in this second photo, but I had fry boxes and crayon boxes for people to take their candy home in.

I have cotton candy in the large cookie jar, which was a huge hit, but be sure to put it in something with a lid and to make sure it gets put back on. It will quickly shrink and harden otherwise.

Lastly, the cupcakes.

These are made with my Cotton Candy Cream Cupcake recipe & my Chocolate Filled Cupcake Recipe (using Red Velvet instead of straight chocolate).

To make the swirled icing you will need 3 small icing bags, each filled 1/2 full with a different color. Snip a medium sized opening off of the bag. Insert the three bags into a large pastry bag fitted with a large tip. It will take a good bit of squeezing, but the result is lovely :)

For the guest book, everyone signed a copy of Oh The Places You'll Go, which I had already had gotten signed by his teachers K-12.

So, there you have it.

Not how we wanted it, but still a very happy grad party for my Bean.

Pictured here on his graduation night with my niece.

National Honor Society, Honor Thespian, and Honors Diploma Graduate. Momma Bear is proud

And will you succeed? 
Yes! You will, indeed! 
(98 and 3 / 4 percent guaranteed.) 



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  1. Tina, your parties are the BEST! The Truffula treats are my favorite... I think. I love everything!

    Congrats to your boy. :)


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