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Thursday, February 9, 2017

{ Love, Loss, and Pancakes }

Yesterday we lost someone really special to us, my husband's grandmother, aka, Grammy.

With her older brother
Grammy was one of a kind. She was a special lady with a kind and giving heart. She grew up (in the Great Depression) in a family of 14 children (though 2 died during childhood). She often said though they were poor, they had everything they needed and no one ever went hungry.

With her daughter

She was an avid reader and gardener. In a time when it was more common for a woman to stay home, she worked. She worked while her husband was in WWII, a total Rosie the Riverter type. Back then she worked in a metal factory. After leaving there she went on to work at a grocery store. She worked there for over 40 years, and when she retired in the 1980s, she was a manager. 

Gram was one of the strongest and hardest working women I know, She overcame struggles, worked 6 days a week, and loved her family more than anything. She was one of Bean's best friends growing up. He adored her from the time he was born. We all loved her so much and she will be deeply missed. She was 92, but still that wasn't long enough for those of us that loved her.

Back in 2012, I posted her recipe for pancakes. They are definitely the best pancakes ever. I hope you will try them out. The recipe I mention in the post still hangs in my cabinet to this day. 

The same year, I also posted her Strawberry Pie. It's delicious and oh so easy!

As Elizabeth II said, "Grief is the price we pay for love.".

We will miss you, Grammy, but the love you taught us all will live on.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. She was obviously a special lady and so well loved. I remember when Mark's grandma died at 91, I kept thinking, how is 91 years not enough? We still needed her. I know you feel the same way about Grammy.

    I hope you all can find some peace in happy memories (and pancakes and pie). xo


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