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Thursday, March 15, 2012

{ Mint Oreo Brownie Truffles }

Remember how I said the Pie Pops were for school?

Well, guess where these little gems are headed?

Yeah... the same place. Only not math class this time.

A bake sale for the Drama Club.

The Bean? Yes, yes, he's a complete and total Drama Llama.

He loves to act. He acts at school, at church, he does summer productions in a local college's kid's theater, and he goes to their drama camp as well.

Where did he get this passion for drama?

Me? dramatic??????????? NEVAH! 

*faints away like Scarlett O'Hara*

More likely even, it's that only child LOOK AT ME! syndrome.


But, yes, the Drama Club at school is having a bake sale.

Which much like the message I got the other day means: MOM.SCHOOL.BAKE.NEED.

I'm a lucky girl!

Since Saturday is St. Patrick's, I decided to go with the chocolate mint theme.

The Chocolate Mint Cupcakes I posted a couple weeks ago are now officially the most popular post on my site. 


Seems like a winning combo then, eh?

Mint Oreo Truffles
recipe by Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers

For these, you'll need:

Brownie Mix for a 13x9 pan

(and ingredients to make them according to box)

Cool Mint Oreos

Dipping Chocolate

Andes Mints

Mix brownies according to box, then pulverize one row of Cool Mint Oreos.

I used my Ninja. You can use a food processor, blender, or manual labor, if you so choose.

Then stir into your mixed brownie batter

Mix well, then pour into prepared pan

My box said to bake 28-32 minutes. Bake these about 25 minutes.

I always under bake mine. It makes them gooey and fudgey and amazing.

For this recipe, it makes them easier to roll.

(and gooey and fudgey and amazing) 

When cooled, cut off the hard edges. We are only using the (gooey, fudgey, amazing) center.

I'm sure if you throw the edges at some children, they will eat them up. 
Waste not, want not and all.

I use a small Pampered Chef scoop, which is probably a teaspoon/teaspoon and a half. 
However, you can make these bigger or smaller, up to you.

Then roll until smooth...ish.

 This is a good time to get kids involved. The Bean normally loves to roll cake balls, buckeyes, etc, but he is currently nursing a bad knee, so I didn't make him stand and help me.

Melt up some chocolate. I used 6 blocks of Chocolate Almond Bark for these, plus 12 Andes Mints.

I've already sung praises of my Wilton Pot, but... in case you missed that post, read it here.

(Spoiler: I LOVE IT)

Yes, we've already established that I am messy, I know.

I added about a Tablespoon of vegetable oil to my chocolate. When melted smooth, you can start to dip.

use a fork, as I suggested here, to remove the truffles, it allows the chocolate to fall through the tines. Tap, tap, tap off the excess as you remove.

I squished up 2 extra Oreos and sprinkled them, along with green sugar crystals on top when finished. Dip a few at a time, then sprinkle or the chocolate will harden and your toppings won't stick. 

And that would be sad. 

So sad.

These are super sweet with a cool, minty after bite.

Wee Leprechauns, they love 'em, and regular sized people do too!



  1. Ohhh yum!!! Seriously... I don't know why I check out your blog at night. I get the worst midnight cravings! So delicious Tina!!

  2. I love that you used oreos in your brownies and the dipped them in andes mints!!! These look awesome and I'm afraid they won't last very long if I make them:-) Love it!!!

  3. What a great idea to under-bake them. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that. I blame the children...for everything.

  4. These sound yummy! I definitely have to include these in my St. Patrick's Day Sweets roundup on Monday!


...because life should be sweet.


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