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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{ Carrot Strawberries? }

Yeah, that's what I said.

Carrot. Strawberries.

Now, Dear Internets, let me tell you a story.

I'm sad.

You see, I thought I'd invented these! I was standing at the kitchen counter washing berries while contemplating if I was smarts enough to come up with a new Easter post, when WHAMO, idea.

I don't know if you know this, but strawberries have the little green leafies at the top. (That's the scientific name, look it up). Carrots? Well, by golly gosh darn, THEY have the little leafies at the top.

Hmmmmmm.... If I had some orange tinted chocolate, I'd be in bizzznezz.

Guess what! I did. Well, I had white chocolate and candy coloring, but folks, semantics.

I set to work, thinking, alas, my readers will think I'm SO clever!

They will oooooh and ahhhhhh.. and they will reply and email me, and share my blog, and Pin my things to Pinterest!

And my life will be changed....

By Carrot Berries!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, maybe I didn't think all that. Or maybe I did. You'll never know.

So, I berried away.

They are cute, yes. I am proud.

Clever Tina.

After finishing, I sit down to post, and think... I should consult the Google Machine.

Google says to me, "Bahahahaha... Tina, you LOSE! Someone smarter than you, prettier than you, skinnier than you, and all together better than you has already made these".

Google, I thought you were my friend, why are you so mean?

I found them in a few places, not many, but a few, this was the first Google return.

After I wiped my tears, I pulled up my big girl panties and soldiered on.

I realized, mine have sprinkles. Sprinkles always make things better, right?

I win.

So here we go.

These are very, very easy.

Make some up and stand back and wait for applause.

What, am I the only one that does that??

You can also have fun with just the white chocolate and sprinkles.

After all, isn't Easter the perfect time to dye berries?


Package some of these babies up. Who wouldn't want this treat in their Easter Basket?


(sorry, I'm lame like that)


Carrot Berries for Easter

You'll need:

Strawberries, washed and totally dry
Orange Candy Melts Or White Chocolate* tinted with Candy Coloring**
Orange sprinkles

I use white chocolate almond bark (found in most groceries)

**this must be specific for candy, like this from Wilton, regular food coloring will ruin the chocolate.
 Melt your chocolate in 30 second intervals. You may need to use a bit of oil or shortening to thin.

Dip your dried berries all the way up to the stem, add the sprinkles immediately, the chocolate will dry quickly.

Allow to fully dry.

Need more Easter ideas? Well, then I've got a treat for you!

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Gotta love those pies in a jar!

And potatoes of ANY nature are my favorite thing in the worlds.


and post up your own ideas below

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  1. I said it before and I'll say it again - Amazing! Those look really cute and I'm adding to my dessert table for Easter! Thanks for co-hosting with the Crock-Pot Ladies!

  2. Yours are the first carrot strawberries I have ever seen, so in my book, you are a rock star (insert applause, woo-hoos and high fives). They so much fun.

  3. Ha! I do that, too--think I have a one-of-a-kind idea until Google tells me different. BUT, I agree with Kristen; I haven't seen these yet, so I'm totally giving you all the props! =) These are so adorable--I just love them!

    Also, I'm so glad I found your blog through the FoodBloggers FB page. I'll definitely be stopping by regularly!

  4. Pinning it. You might not be the first who invented this, but you sure are the funniest :)

  5. thoroughly enjoyed reading your post... soooo been there! and for the record, i'm super stoked to try this sweet and healthy snack to share with friends and family. thx so much for sharing :)

  6. Heehee, I love these, and your thought process all written out. I would not have googled and would have simply believed you were a genius. I shall carry on thinking so ;)

  7. Hey, Don't be so hard on yourself! I think many of us have been in your shoes. Just because a few others had the same idea doesn't take away the brilliance of it:) They look fantastic!

  8. I so wanted to make these this Easter! I LOVE how your lil carrots turned out! SO cute. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  9. Fun post and cute carrots! We loved having you join our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to see you next week! -The Sisters


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