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Thursday, February 16, 2012

{ Re-growing Green Onions }

Do you guys ever watch The Next Food Network Star?

I'll admit, I really like this show.

Now, it's no Top Chef, but it's enjoyable.

They not only have to cook to impress, but they have to do filmed segments to see if they have the chops to make it as a TV Host.

And yes, the grand prize is your own show on Food Network.

Not everyone realizes this, but Guy Fieri was actually on the show, and won Season 2.

No, I wasn't watching it then, I didn't start watching til Season 5.

Season 5 gets me to where I am headed in this post, however.

The winner that year was Melissa d'Arabian who now hosts 10 Dollar Dinners.

Melissa once said that you could regrow green onions in water.


Now, this has been 3 seasons ago, but her show came on the TV the other day and it reminded me to try her little tip.

Guess what... it works!

Just plunk the whites with about an inch of green into a jar with water, and within a couple days, they will start to sprout.

Do nothing else but wait.

Oh, and also, change out the water every couple days so it doesn't get nasty and rinse the roots.

If you aren't going to use them right away, clip off the tops so they don't get too long/go bad, and pitch.

No worries, they'll grow back.


They will stop growing as some point. I don't know how long, and yes, I do realize how unhelpful that is! However, you'll get far more onion than you paid for this way!

According to EHow, you can also do this with chives. Check it out here for more info on re-growing your green onions and chives.

Let me know if you give this a try!

*note: this is for re-growing the green part of the onion, not the white.



  1. Such a fantastic idea! I bought green onions yesterday wanting to try this, but hadn't found time to look up the 'recipe' glad to find you here. Thanks

  2. I have done this and it works great, but not indefinitely. I got another "batch" out of my green onions but after that the whites were slimy and gross (even though I changed the water every day) and the greens weren't growing well anymore. Definitely got more use out of a bunch of green onions that I would have otherwise though!


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