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Thursday, February 2, 2012

{ Super Bowl Snacks }

Today I'm rounding up some recipes that I think would make good Super Bowl snacks.

I hear that the big game is this Sunday.

Also, I hear there are two teams playing it in. However, I had to google to find out who they were.

Not a football fan? No, I'm not.

(Oh, google says its the New England Patriots & the New York Giants. I assume that is right. It's google after all, and the google knows).

So, I'm not a footbal fan, BUT, I am a PARTY fan! Woot!

I think we are actually going to go to a Super Bowl party on Sunday.

We were promised board games and commercials. They'd better be there, or I'm demanding my money back. Even though I'm not paying. I will want money back.

I'm totally waffling on what to make myself.

I might do this Buffalo Chicken Dip that my friend Steph made for New Year's Eve.

Or maybe I'll make these whoopie pies shaped like footballs.

Another option my Snowflake Crunch Popcorn, but with the teams colors.
Google tells me they both have Red and Blue (and white/silver/whatever). Use the red and blue M&Ms instead of just the blue. Now, I KNOW it's not the perfect blue of the team- but... it'll work. If you are a big fan and HAVE to have the right color, M&Ms does sell the darker blue in specialty stores like Party City, etc.

These Ranch Crackers are sure to be a hit Ranch Snackin' Crackers

Do you want to make friends fast? Then make this Chocolate Chip Cheeseball

If you want a savory cheeseball, try this one that takes minutes to make 1.2.3. Cheeseball!

Need a dip? Okay! Try this one Holy Moses Dip.

A favorite get together snack around here is this Pull Apart Pizza Bread. yum.

You just CANNOT go wrong with a batch of  Caramel Corn...

That is, unless you bake it at 200 degrees Celcius , like my long time New Zealand friend Pam. LOL!

Love ya, Pammy!

Maybe you'd like to delve into making some of these Peanut Butter Patties.

They are quick to disappear!

Or, even better, how about these 3 ingredient Oreo Truffles!

There's a few of my suggestions! Are you having/going to a party?
What are you planning to make?

Go Team! I really hope that the ....

oh never mind. I really don't care who wins!

But if you are into football, I hope YOUR team wins!

Have fun :)



  1. I would just have a party to have all the yummy food, I have no clue what is going on in sports. My kid plays hockey, I just scream and stuff, but only when the other parents do. Wonder if they know I am lost.

  2. I thought Super Bowl was just referring to the size of the snacks. ;) Heehee.
    I must try some more of these soon, whilst remembering you use those strange measure-ey units! ;) Pity it wasn't roasties I was making, they would have been super crispy. :)

  3. Some people may not think of sweets in regards to Game Day food. Thank you for sharing some of your thoughts for the big game.

  4. Yummy! Beautiful pictures, they look so good I just want to reach in and take a bite!

  5. YUM! Great ideas... I'm already excited for the Super Bowl food!!

  6. That Pull Apart Pizza Bread looks AWESOME! I might have to try that one today.


...because life should be sweet.


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