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Friday, April 20, 2012

{Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes}

The Bean loves cookie dough. Like, crazy loves. The fact that it has raw eggs in it does nothing to stop him begging like a stray dog.

I first made these a couple years ago, and they were met with lukewarm reception, so I'd never made them again.

My BPIC (Baking Partner in Crime, Lori) and I were doing a bake sale at our kid's high school to raise money for a new, and sorely needed, mascot costume, I thought I'd try them again.

Kids, they like cookie dough.

Lori made her Oreo Cupcakes, which are quite like these, but she uses more cookies in the batter, and then, after they are cooled, fills them with a plain buttercream, then tops with an Oreo buttercream (lots of finely crushed cookies in buttercream). They sold like holy friggin hotcakes! I did my Cream Filled Cuppies along with a few downsized Double Trouble Cookies (because the ones in the recipe are HUGE). We nearly sold out and made a nice little bit for our mascot fund.

Lemme tell you about the mascot.

You know how they make fun of mascot costumes on TV/Movies, because they smell bad and no one wants to wear them? That.Is.Ours. It's super gross. Like SUPER GROSS. ALL CAPS. It's the same one that was at the school 20, ahem, a FEW years ago when I was in high school (that sounded convincing, right? RIGHT???!). So, it stays in the closet. No one wears it. We are mascotless. It's sad. Mascot costumes are SPENDY. Like, WOW, spendy. We are working on it though. We'll have a non vomit smell radiating suit before you know it. We're determined.

Maybe I shouldn't have said vomit in a food post.


Oh, well.

Now, cookie dough.

So, here's the dealio. I followed, for the most part, this recipe by Recipe Girl.

You'll need to make a cookie dough batter, I love hers, it's egg-less. The Bean was quite certain I should just sell balls of cookie dough at the Bake Sale. 

Uh, that didn't happen, but it DID, however, give me a devious plan for later on this blog. 

Shyeah, it did!

So, here's her batter, except I doubled it for 24 cupcakes.

Cookie Dough Filling
1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 stick butter, melted
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
4 Tablespoons granulated white sugar
4 Tablespoons milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup miniature chocolate chips

Beat the butter and the sugars together, add the salt, soda, and vanilla. Then add the flour. Add the milk and beat until well mixed. Stir in the chocolate chips with a spatula.

Roll into balls.

I used the Pampered Chef small scoop. 

 Place them on a baking sheet and freeze for an hour. I froze mine in the deep freezer rather than the refrigerator freezer. I knew they were good and solidly frozen.

Don't skip this step! If you don't freeze them, the cookie dough will bake  & you'll just have a cookie in your cupcake.

Not that a cookie in your cupcake is a BAD thing, just that it kinda make it a chocolate chip cookie cupcake and not a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.

I think.

I'm officially confusing myself and that is never good.

Now, I took a shortcut. I used a box cake mix.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................don't tell.

Actually, as you'll see, I did this using both a yellow cake and a chocolate cake.

The chocolate were the more popular, FYI.

After prepping your mix, according to the box, and filling your cupcake papers, add 1 ball of cookie dough to each cupcake. Press it down to touch the bottom.

Bake according to box. I, personally, baked mine for 19 minutes.

While cooling, make your Cookie Dough Buttercream. 

This recipe is one I tweaked. The original is from Tidy Mom.

Cookie Dough Buttercream
3 sticks butter, at room temperature
2/3 cup packed brown sugar
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3/4 cup flour
3 tbsp. milk
3 teaspoons vanilla extract

Yeah, I said flour. Totally sounds weird, but it gives it that cookie dough taste.

Beat together the butter & brown sugar. Add the vanilla. Mix in the flour. Then slowly add the powdered sugar. Beat in the milk. Mix until amazing.

Top your cooled cuppys with this & a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips!

What? OH! You want to see the INSIDE?

Ok, sure.......... it's... gooey, and chocolatey, and cookiey (cookiey??)


Yeah Bayyybee... there it is!

The Bean has now declared these his new favorite cupcakes in all the land.

Apparently this recipe is MUCH better than the one I used before.

So, thanks Recipe Girl & Tidy Mom! You make me look like a Soopa Stah!


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  1. These look so good! I love chocolate! =)

  2. Oh my word. I saw your link in an email from Getting My daughter will be 8 in 2 weeks and I showed her these and she wants them in chocolate. What's not to want! So excited to make them for her!

  3. Wow!! That's all I can say... really. You had me at cookie dough. But these look amazing!

  4. I just drool over everything you make! These look incredible!! Just pinned :) Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  5. made these tonight! theyre amazing! We had atleast half of the frosting left over though. I would only make half next time.

  6. These cupcakes look so delicious! We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters


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