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Friday, May 18, 2012

{ Rainbow Slush }

Tonight is the Bean's 15th birthday party. If you keep up, you'll know his birthday was actually over a month ago.

However, this is Ohio, and outside birthday parties in April are iffy at best!

For the last few years we've had in in May. The weather today is 82 and sunny!


I showed you pics of our backyard fire pit, well, that is where approximately 20 teenagers (I just typed teenangers. Freudian slip?) will gather tonight for 4 hours.

Am I crazy? Probably.

Here's what it looks like after my lovely hubster added the lighting though

We'll have hot dogs, chips, Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores, S'mores, and this...

Rainbow Slush

I'm pretty dang sure this will be a huge hit with the kids.

I found this on the Ramblings From the Sunshine State blog.

It's so so so so easy.

 Now, go check out how to make it on Ramblings From the Sunshine State! 

I gotta go, I've got SO much to do in the next few hours, yet here I sit.

Internets are evil.

Have a great day!


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