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Thursday, May 31, 2012

{ Strawberry Lemonade }

My kid is weird.

He can't tolerate certain (food) textures. There are many meats he won't eat.
He picks the strawberries out of his strawberry sundae. While he loves both sugar and marshmallow, he cannot eat Peeps. He doesn't like noodles (unless they are spaghetti).  And so on, and so on.

He's just weird. Weird, I tell you.

I mean, who picks strawberries out of a strawberry sundae? Who raised this kid?? Certainly not me.

It must have been


Why do I tell you all of this totally arbitrary information about my child's eating habits?

To let you know that this Strawberry Lemonade is NOT Bean approved.

It.has.texture. Oh my.

(texture=seeds and tiny strawberry bits)

And while he likes the flavor, he cannot get over the texture.

So, if you are like him, this drink is NOT for you.

If you are like me, however, come along, and I'll show you how to make this delicious summer drink in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, less than 5 minutes, because you see, I'm a cheater.

By that I mean, this starts with powdered lemonade. Cause it's summer, why would we want to break a sweat juicing lemons. Srsly!

This is soooooooo simple, yet delicious.  

For 2 quarts of Strawberry Lemonade:

Prepare powdered lemonade mix according to package for 2 quarts

Wash and remove greens from 1 pint of strawberries

Place berries and 2 Tablespoons of sugar into a blender or food processor

blend until pureed 

Pour into prepared lemonade and stir

You'll want to stir just before pouring as well. 

Since this has fresh berries it in, it will only keep a couple days.

 When I stopped to think about it, I realized that the smoothies (like Strawberry Banana or Peach Banana) that I make for the Bean nearly every night have some lumps and bumps in them. This confused me. I asked him about it, and his reply,

"I don't like it in there either, but for smoothies, I'll suffer through".

Watta man.

(after mixing the Strawberry Lemonade together, you could actually strain it through cheesecloth if you wished)

Oh, and for more refreshment, check out the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade I made last year. If you want to shortcut that, start with powdered lemonade as well!

So, the Bean doesn't like it? That's cool...



  1. AMAZING!!!


  2. Tina,
    I love the story! I know kids who are just as picky. This actually sounds delicious and I agree with using powdered lemonade mix. I do like to make fresh but don't always have a surplus of lemons on hand. I have the same milk jug glasses and love them.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Creative Thursday last week. I couldn’t do these parties without you. Can’t wait to see what you link up this week. Have a great week.


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