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Saturday, September 22, 2012

{ Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes }

I'm going to tell you something that may shock you.

As a general rule, I think Tim Burton is kinda creepy.

While I love all things magic, wizardy, and fantasy, I'm really not into the macabre.

My nieces, on the other hand, are quite my opposite when it comes to this. Both of my nieces had "Spooky Sixteens" instead of sweet ones. See my post here about my youngest niece's party. 

It's actually been nearly a year since that post I just linked. My niece has just had another birthday. (Her party was later last year due to the Halloween theme). Her party is tonight.

A couple days ago, her older sister posted this link from Disney's website on my Facebook begging me to make Oogie Boogie cupcakes. The birthday girl agreed, and so... Oogie Boogie Birthday Cupcakes it was!

I baked up a batch of chocolate cupcakes (I did 1/2 large cupcakes & 1/2 mini's, the mini's were for Oogie) using this recipe (yum yum!!) by Bakingdom. Since I had some heavy cream sitting in my fridge, I decided to use her Buttercream recipe too. It's the first time I've used a buttercream other than my own, and holy wow. I think I've just found "MY" new recipe!

Then I tinted it green, Oogie Boogie style.

The Disney recipe says to use a marshmallow on top for the base of Oogie's head. I just used icing. All buttercream... all the time!

Using Wilton tip #608 (yes, it's huge), I piped on a daub of icing.

Then, using tip #12, I piped a smaller one with the curved tip.

Then, I smoothed it with the back of a spoon. Using tip #1, I added slashes for his eyes and mouth.

If you use a standard sized cupcake you could easily get more details onto his face.

Then, I decided to not use the large tip, and just pipe with #12. That works fine too. You can smooth ... or not. I didn't here. I kinda like them better, but I'm not sure how Oogie Boogie they look.

Angry Oogies!

Soooo.... I couldn't make Oogie Boogie without making Jack.

Jack was pretty easy, just white buttercream with his face piped on with tip #1.

I picked the white, frilly wrappers because they reminded me of his tux.

*note: to keep the wrappers nice, I didn't bake in them, I placed the baked, frosted- but not decorated cupcakes in the wrappers.

I'm sure he'd look mass better with fondant, but as I said earlier... all buttercream....all the time.

So, there you have it. Easy, peasy.  You definitely don't have to be good at decorating to make these.

I'll thank Tim Burton for not making complicated looking characters at least.

And someday... perhaps soon even, I will watch this movie. It. will. happen.


**Edit: I just found out tonight, after taking the cupcakes to the party, what Oogie Boogie actually is.

I have yet to recover.



  1. Okay, can I say those are cute? Or does that go so far opposite of Tim Burton? ;)

  2. I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas and Tim Burton fan! I've done Jack Cupcakes but not Oogie Boogie! Thank You for sharing because I going to do them and bring them to my daughter's class for Halloween! I am a new follower! Please come by my blog and submit this creation to our Blog Party and grab our button! All creations and creators welcome! Hope to see you there!

    Happy Autumn,


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