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Saturday, October 29, 2011

{ Sweet Sixteen meets Halloween }

Sweet Sixteen... aww...

We've all seen the movies, the birthday girl all dressed up like a princess or a movie star. Sweet and adorable decorations lined the tables and the room. Pinks & purples, and prettiness.

Precious right?

My niece's birthday party is tonight- and how sweet is it going to be?

NOT SWEET, that's how sweet.

Following in the footsteps of her older sister, she too, is having a Spooky Sixteen. Gross foods, disgusting decorations. It's all so.... special. mmmhmmm... That's my girls.

My laundry list of items included:

Caludron Cakes and Butterbeer
Blood Bites
Giant Bat Droppings
Licorice Wands
and the Pi├Ęce de grossness: Blood Clot Brain Cakes


You want more info?



m’ok, then.

You can find the link to Caldron Cakes and Butterbeer here


Blood Bites (aka Red Velvet Cake Balls) are here


Giant Bat Droppings, well, these are simply a batch of brownies rolled into balls and dipped in chocolate. No need to add any icing or anything. I usually undercook my brownies so they are a LITTLE gooey, by about 3 minutes.


Licorice Wands- Twizzlers dipped in chocolate with sprinkles


and Blood Clot Brain Cakes. 

I found these on Pintrest a few months ago and pinned right away. 

Niecey was all excited about these. Have I mentioned she's pretty gross ;) A zombie loving, black wearing, gothic lolita obsessed girl. But, she's pretty cute, so I guess we'll keep her.


Find the original post here at Annie’s Eats

Other items on the menu:

"Man"wich (uh.. it's Manwich)
Frankenweenies (hot dogs)
Brains on Toast (our favorite appetizer that my mom makes, and yes, it's SO healthy ;)
Zombitables (veggies for the non-brain eating zombie)
Cheesy Toes (cheetos)
Crisped Critters (potato chips)
Swamp Goo (chip dip)
Cauldron Brew & Skin of Newt (Salsa and Chips)

and a few other disgusting things I can’t think of.

Or choose not to, take your pick.

Of course I made lil name tags too.
ScreenHunter_07 Oct. 29 15.48
Actually, I still have several of those to finish, and cut out, and fold…

I'd better do that now, or they'll set the wolves on me. No, seriously, these people are way into Halloween. 

They may have rented some.

Is the moon full tonight? Perhaps I should be a little worried about that.

uh...yeah, I gotta run!



  1. Sounds like you're hosting a great party!! Mine is to start in 2 hours!! I too love pinning and found my treats on there. Happy Halloween!

  2. That's too cute! Great ideas,and spooky too :) Thanks for sharing at Church Supper! Happy Halloween and have a blessed week.

    Everyday Mom's Meals

  3. Tina, what cute ideas!!! These are great!! I am now following you via Passionately Artistic; and I hope you will follow me, too! Many blessings to you!!


...because life should be sweet.


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