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Monday, October 25, 2010

Once you pop… you can’t stop!

I’ve long been a fan of “THE” Bakerella. She has the cutest ideas and tastiest treats!

I picked up a copy of her book, Cake Pops, from Amazon.

So… when a fundraising op came up for Sugar Bean’s school, I made some at his request. I’ve made her Cake Balls many times. They are always a huge hit.


I’ve also made them to look like ice cream cones. Did I say huge hit? Because these were a HUGER hit ;) And yes, I’m aware I just said huger.

IceCreamCakeBalls  IceCreamBalls2

I’d never made the pops though. It was high time I tried.

This endeavor greeted me with a fail, a fail, and oh, a faiiiiiil.

Bakerella says to put your cake balls in the freezer for 15 mins, then insert a stick into melted chocolate, then dip. They kept falling off my stick! I’ve since read my cake balls were probably too moist, and needed more cake, less filling.. no, that’s not right.. more cake, less icing (same difference, really, eh?). Hubby suggested that I first insert the stick THEN freeze. This worked quite well. I hate to have him be right, but eh, it’s gotta happen sometimes, yeah?

I decided to make the Pumpkin Pop


The Kitty Pop (it’s supposed to be black, but I used straight chocolate instead- I know, I’m a rebel).

The Ghostie pop. BOO!  He scared ya, didn’t he??? Scary how good he tastes…

And the Mummy pop.
I want my mummy!!!!!!!!!!!

A word to the wise… Do NOT spend $9 on Wilton Edible Ink Makers. They don’t work (or barely work, then stop working) on candy. I scratched out a couple faces, then finished the rest with melted chocolate. I hear the Americolor markers work well, and it’s what I see in Bakerella’s photos, but I’ve not tried them myself to find out yet.

Overall, these were pretty time consuming, at times frustrating, but pretty fun… and sooooooo cute.

Here’s a kitty that fell off his stick for some reason. Sugar Bean is trying to eat him. I told the kitty to run. I wish he’d listened.  Bean is glad he didn’t. Yum!


with a whisk and a dream…. Tina


  1. You're too cute, Tina! Love the photos and love the post. Can't wait to see all that you have in store for your new blog. It looks great!

  2. I want another kitty! :D


...because life should be sweet.


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