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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{ Chocolate Mint Cupcakes }

I think I've mentioned this in the past, but my husband likes canned icing.

Yeah, right? This baffles me.

The Bean, however, likes homemade icing.

I've done a fine job raising this human being, haven't I?

Go me!

Back to the icing:

Quandry? Nah, normally I frost a sheet cake in 1/2 canned (chocolate) 1/2 homemade (buttercream). 

Since it's 1/2 dark & 1/2 light, I always call it a Yin Yang cake.

The Yin Yang symbol (simplistically) means that the 2 sides are interdependent and that one is no better than the other. 

This is SO not true here.

Buttercream is clearly superior to canned icing.


Last night, when baking the hubs a cake, however, I decided to do something different.

I poured out enough for a 9" square cake, and then made the rest into cupcakes for the Bean.

The other day, while at the dollar store, I fell victim to little $1 bags of Andes Chocolate Mints.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Andes. Chocolatey, minty goodness.

There are 12 Andes in each pack. 

I kept wondering what to do with these, you know, besides inhale them.

Should I chop them up and throw them in cookies? Should I put them in brownie batter?

These cupcakes presented the perfect solution.

A Chocolate Mint Glaze.


Mix it up...

Next, dunk your cooled cupcakes into the glaze

 As you remove them, turn them slowly to try and get off all excess glaze.

They will be gorgeous and glossy when wet.

I dipped mine a second time as well.

The glaze will dry, and while it won't be as glossy, it will still be quite pretty.

Sweet, fudgey, with a cool minty finish. 

That's what I'm talking about.

And delicious.

Let's not forget delicious.

This ain't no canned icing.

I can't believe I just typed that.

I'm so ashamed.


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Chocolate Mint Glaze
recipe by Tina @ Sugar Bean Bakers
enough glaze for 12 cupcakes

12 cupcakes
12 Andes Mints
1/4 Cup Butter
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
3-4 Tablespoons HOT Water
Dash of Vanilla

At 15 second intervals, melt the Andes with the butter. Stir after every 15 seconds (only took 1 minute total in my microwave), whisk until glossy. Add powdered sugar and 3 Tablespoons of Water, and again, whisk until glossy. If not thin enough, add the 4th Tablespoon and whisk. Lastly, whisk in the vanilla.

This post is part of a St. Patty's Day blog carnival!

If you've arrived via 20Something Saver Hi! Yes, you've taken the correct train!

Your next stop is here over to see my friends at Hot Coupon World where they've baked us up some nomalicious Double Chocolate Mint Cookies!

Chocolate & Mint for the win!

No shoving! There's plenty for everyone!

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  1. Oh boy, your glaze looks amazing! Perfect choice on what to do with the mints!

  2. Such a great idea! These look so good! I have saved your recipe to make them soon!

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! I wish I could try some.

  4. Looks fantabulously yummy!! I wish I could try some too! : )

  5. These look so incredibly YUMMY! And I saw them floating around Pinterest too! I love chocolate and mint together, and it makes sense to make these around St. patrick's Day! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. I made 50 of these for our youth activity tonight (30ish people) and I brought NONE home for my family! Huge hit, tons of compliments, like "where'd you buy these?" I used a bag of Andes chips and it glazed all 50 cupcakes with some to spare. Also, I made a minty buttercream frosting, cut an X in the top of each cupcake and piped in some frosting before I glazed them. Made for a nice little surprise when people bit into it! Thanks so much for your recipe, you made me look like a superstar!!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    and Emily, thanks for such a great comment! Made my day. So glad your people enjoyed them!


  8. 1. Your pictures are gorgeous. 2. You are a much nicer wifey, I'd say suck it up and force him to eat my buttercream. 3. I love this recipe!

  9. These cupcakes are absolutely delicious! I've featured this recipes on my blog and I hope that you don't mind! If you don't agree with that please contact me and I will remove it. All the best.

  10. These look delicious! I am going to try them for my little brothers bake sale fundraiser next weekend and I am so excited! :)

  11. These were so good and easy to make. I made my first batch this past week-end, and made a 2nd batch tonight to bring into work. I also dipped them a 2nd time. I broke an Andes in half and stuck into the top of each cupcake at an angle. I added a few green & white jimmies (sprinkles)that I found in the dollar section at Target to give a little color.


...because life should be sweet.


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