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Monday, February 6, 2012

{ Gooey Cookies & Red Velvet Cookies }


It’s a twofer post! Two, two, two recipes in one!

I made these for the first time last week. I had 3 teenage boys here, and they all went through the roof for them.

This recipe is based off what I’ve known as Gooey Bars. It tastes just like them, but in cookie form.

I found the recipe here at and knew I had to try it.


Here is the conversation that followed the baking of these cookies:

Friend 1: “These are EPIC cookies!”
Friend 2: “I’m in HEAVEN!”
Friend 1: “They are HEAVEN COOKIES!”
Bean: “I just tasted nerdvana!”

(yes, he said NERDvana).

I guess you could say they liked them. I’m just not sure.

These cookies are moist, tender, and rich!

They are also EASY and take only a few ingredients. YUS! Love that.

So, for the Gooey Cookies, you’ll need:

Gooey Cookies
¼ cup butter , softened (no substitutions) 

1/4 teaspoon vanilla 
1 egg 

4 ounces cream cheese , softened 

1 (18 ounce) box yellow cake mix 

1 cup powdered sugar 


First, beat together, in a large mixing bowl, the cream cheese, egg, vanilla, and butter until light and fluffy.


Then add in the cake mix


until well blended. It will be quite thick. Cover and chill for 30 mins in the refrigerator.

Preheat oven to 350 while the dough is chilling.

After the chilling, form into balls (I made mine a little smaller than the size of a ping pong ball) and roll in powdered sugar.


Bake for 12 minutes. Do not let brown. With about 2 mins left, I lightly pressed a glass on top of them to make them a little flatter.

You don’t need to do this, if you want little fat cookies. It’s all good


Remove to cooling rack.

Yummy in muh tummy!

The Bean professes that these are his new favorite and that I should make them daily.

Sure. That’s gonna happen.



Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

Yesterday, I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, but there was a wee little game on the telly called “The Super Bowl”.

We had a party for our youth group (where NONE of us watched the Super Bowl), and I needed some snackage to take.

Well, I made the Pull Apart Pizza Bread, but needed some sweeties.

I thought about it for a while, and finally decided to throw caution to the wind and use the above recipe, but with Red Velvet Cake Mix.

I am probably not the 1st person to try this, but I didn't follow anyone's recipe.
I figured, if it was good with yellow cake, it's gonna be even better with Red Velvet, right?

Now, let me tell you… they were good PLAIN.



(those little choccie hearts are Valentine Junior Mints, by the way, cute, right??)

I can rarely leave well enough alone, however, so I whipped up a batch of Cream Cheese Icing and made…

you guessed it, Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies.

I had 3 people tell me that these were one of the best things I’d ever made… so there ya go.

Apparently, they were acceptable.


Here’s the Cream Cheese Icing Recipe:

Cream Cheese Icing

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened (not melted!)

8 ounces cream cheese, softened

1 teaspoon vanilla 

3 cups powdered sugar

Beat together the vanilla, cream cheese, and butter. Add powdered sugar slowly. 

Dip spoon into the bowl. 

Moan happily.

The end.
Oh, you can also spoon (or pipe) between two Red Velvet Cookies!

You know, if you have any to spare!

These Red Velvet Cookies would be GORGEOUS for Valentine’s Day and Christmas!

Now, I think chocolate cake mix will fall victim to this recipe next!



There you have it, two recipes, one post.
Now that, my friends, is a deal!


  1. So you cant buy red velvet cake mix here ( in fact ive only seen red velvet anything live about twice in my life... - anyhooooooooooo- so if i wanted this then maybe i could use a chocolate cake mix and put in red food colouring( or would that not work) - call me the red velvet virgin - I just kinda like the colour of these....

  2. I've never tried it with a mix, but that's all Red Velvet is, of course, chocolate cake with red coloring. The recipes for scratch R.V. cake call for like 2 Tablespoons of red food coloring. I'd try a yellow cake mix- add in a bit (couple Tablespoons) of cocoa, and then the red coloring.

  3. Awesome! These look amazing. I'm drooling. :)

  4. Oh they look wonderful! I'd probably eat the entire batch, frankly. :) Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Alright you are seriously amazing!! Every post looks delicious, and your photography is incredible! You make me want to try all of your recipes! I think we need to get in touch :) Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  6. Note to Lauren,.I am pretty sure Red Velvet Cake also has almond extract in it. I would add a about 1/2 teaspoon to your chocolate cake mix plus the red food coloring.

    I made these for some Christmas plates we are taking around today, so pretty and festive! Oh and YUM!!

    The only note I have is to double the cookie recipe or 1/2 the cream, with a fairly large size dollup I ended up with a lot of cream left over. Which is fine, I am just going to make another batch for us after church. It could just be a matter of taste though, if you like tons of ooze leave it the way it is.

  7. I take it back I looked up several red cocolate cake recipes and NONE of them call for almond extract - must just be something my grandma did. So I guess give it a try if you want or not.

  8. I expect by now you have tried this recipe with chocolate cake mix, but have to comment anyway that I used a Duncan Hines 'Dark Chocolate Fudge' cake mix with this recipe, added some chocolate chips (not a lot, to not overwhelm) and ohhhh yeeaaa... I am a sucker for any baked goods, but much prefer brownies/cookies to cake, so...from now on whenever I buy cake mix *because it's on sale* I think I will have to make these. Excited to do the yellow cake mix next.
    And these are super good after sitting for a while, just plain. Definitely don't lose anything after losing that warm-just-bakedness.
    Though 'quite thick' was an understatement for my dough, probably the nature of the cake poor little hand-mixer had a time of it. But worth the cussing and grumbling that is standard in my kitchen anyway!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe and experimenting with it! Have so many of your posts bookmarked to try.


...because life should be sweet.


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