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Saturday, February 4, 2012

{ Dew Me A Favor Valentine Printable }

Ok, so, what can I dew?

This is by far the most popular drink around these parts.

It's sickly sweet, but hey, people like it! I indulge in a glass myself every now and again.

However, this is the first to go whenever we have a party.

When I go out to eat with a group, 90% of the people order the Mt. Dew.

So.. without furter adew (see what I did there?? ha):

Just like the Crush labels, cute on a bottle (2-liter or 20 ounce) and look- even cute on a can!

Here's the printable- right click, save as for full resolution:

Dew Be Dew Be Dew...


*For personal use only

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  1. Love the idea Tina!! Am going to have to DEW this project next week for my friends! Thanks!! :-)

  2. Cute idea. We loved having you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We hope to see you back next Saturday with more fun ideas! -The Sisters


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