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Monday, August 22, 2011

{In the Meantime}


We've had quite the busy crazy summer!

The Bean was in a play, so for the month of June, we drove back and forth for daily rehearsals.

45 minutes. 
Each way.

I'm not even sure what happened in July, it passed in a haze that was 17 days in a row of heat over 90 degrees. That alone, wouldn't be so bad, but in Ohio... we have dripping, disgusting, nastiful humidity. The Heat Index each day was at LEAST 100 degrees. Most days it fell between 105 and 110.


Then came August. The Bean, once again, was full of Drama. Well, for Drama Camp, I mean. This brought me back to driving daily, 45 minutes each way, for camp (which was, obviously, not a sleep a way camp).

Last week, he started High School.

That's just crazy. But is, apparently, a fact.

I'm in denial.

So, now, 'normal' life resumes. I'm clicking, and leafing through recipes. I'll be back soon.

In the meantime, the smoothie recipe I posted earlier in the summer is a perfect after school snack.

Filling, nutritious, and delicious!



  1. I hope your weather is cooler! =)
    I live in KS, and it was H...O...T in July, but the temperature today is the low 80's and kind of rainy!
    The smoothie looks wonderful..

  2. This is a great smoothie recipe! I've been making it ever since you posted it the first time. : )

  3. Thanks, Melissa! Temps have been nice for the last few days here.

    Michelle, I love that you guys are enjoying them!


...because life should be sweet.


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