Friday, September 23, 2011

{ Cinnamon Butter Popcorn }

Last night when I was popping some popcorn, this idea suddenly sprang (sprung?) to mind.

Cinnamon Butter Popcorn

 Just melt up some of the Cinnamon Butter from the recipe below & drizzle over popcorn. Top with a few shakes of powdered sugar.

The Bean LOVED it, and promptly took my bowl.


*Must teach child manners.

A little salt, a little sweet. Who couldn't like that?

This would also be great as a Christmas gift, a box of popcorn + a batch of Cinnamon Sugar Butter= an inexpensive gift. Great for teachers.

After years and years volunteering in a school, I know this much is true.
Teachers have enough mugs. And candles. And body wash.

Gve 'em something different this year. :)

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