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Thursday, March 1, 2012

{ Cocoa for Ron and You! }

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I've often professed how much I love Harry Potter.

Love is an understatement. I'm slightly obsessed. Ok, not slightly.

I've made something for both Hermione & Snape's birthdays.

There's been chocolate frogs, and tons of other Honeyduke's treats.

The Bean's 8th birthday was a huge Potter celebration that included House Sorting, Wand Choosing, Potions, Charms, House Cup and more!

Many of things will be repeated this July when I host a birthday party for Harry himself.

He'll be 32 this year. Thought you needed to know.

So today, March 1, is Ron's birthday (he's 32 today as well).
Happy Birthday Ronald Bilius Weasley!

Now Ron, he loves food.


All food. Tons of food. Food. Food. Food.

I heard Hermione was making him a cake, so I decided just to make him some cocoa.

Cocoa is mentioned several times in the Potter series.

The Harry Potter Lexicon has listed these times:

Dumbledore came down in the middle of the night for some cocoa, but found the Petrified Colin Creevey instead (Chambers of Secrets10)

when Ginny Weasley was sent to the hospital wing after her ordeal in the Chamber of Secrets 
Dumbledore suggested that she be given a cup of hot chocolate (Chamber of Secrets Chapter 18

Homemade Cocoa
 this is for one LARGE cup or 2 small ones

1 1/2 cups of whole milk*
1 Heaping Tablespoon Unsweeted Cocoa Powder
1/2 Tablespoon chocolate chips (semi sweet)
2 Tablespoons White Sugar**
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

Whipped Cream

*To make richer and creamier, you can sub in some half and half or heavy cream for a bit of the milk.
**note, this is very sweet, you may want to start with 1 Tablespoon of sugar, then add more as you like

In a heavy saucepan, whisk milk over medium heat. Whisk vigorously to make frothy.

Add in all of the other ingredients, except whipped cream, and whisk until smooth. Heat until very hot, but do not bring to a boil.

Pour into mug & top with mounds of whipped cream, chocolate chips, caramel syrup, marshmallows, or whatever you wish.

Oh and leave some for Ron.

This should get his sweet fix in for a while.

If you are feelin' spicy, throw in a dash of cinnamon.

Ron approves.


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