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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{ Happy Birthday, Severus Snape! }

If you’ve been around here very long, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a bit of a Harry Potter crazed lunatic fan.

Need a recipe for Cauldron Cakes & Butterbeer? Yeah, I’ve got it.

How about Pumpkin Juice? Ditto.

Well,yesterday (Jan 9) happened to be Severus Snape’s birthday.  Since I baked for Hermione’s birthday, I figured I need to make something for Snapey as well.

The mystery throughout he book (and if you ever intend to read/see the books/movies- uh, read the books, just sayin- and you don’t want spoiled, stop reading this post here) was this… is he good, or evil?

I always believed he was good. But MAN, was he GOOD at being BAD. 

Harry was convinced Snape was evil, Voldemort’s minion, that he murdered Dumbledore (well, kinda), and that he was trying to kill Harry himself.

Well, Voldy was convinced Snape was his minion too, so that all worked out.

Well, til the end.
Bad Voldemort. BAD.

Was he dark and evil or good? Did he wear the black hat or the white hat?

He wore both.

So, I made him this cake.

Dark and light. More light than dark though, because Snape was, in Harry’s word’s “The bravest man I ever knew”.

I know this is not the most beautiful cake, it’s all loppysided. I think the Weasley twins were mucking about in my kitchen.

Nothing seemed to go right today. 

It doesn’t look TOO bad though. And I’m pretty sure Snape would eat it, I doubt the boy ever had a birthday party after all.

This cake is made the same way as my Rainbow Cake. Same steps, just two colors instead of several.
I made this in 3 thin layers, so I only baked it for about 15-17 minutes. It probably would have looked better in just 2 layers though.

You could do a 4 layer if you used 2 recipes/boxes. I used 1 box of white cake mix, scooped 1/2 out, and added about 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder to one bowl.

If you want the 4 layer, use a box of white and a box of dark chocolate.

Then layer in pans, like in the Rainbow Cake. Bake according to directions (unless you do 3 layers like I did, then refer to above and watch closely!), cool, and ice!

So, there you have it. Mostly light with a bit of darkness… that’s Snape to me.

Happy Birthday, Sev. 

I hope it was Snapetastic!

Always, Tina

*a note if you are using box mix, try Duncan Hines, it’s thinner. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pillsbury for scooping cupcakes, it’s a bit too thick for this project
(same goes for the Rainbow Cake).


  1. It's not about the look, but about the taste and I bet it tastes awesome! Happy Birthday, Snape!

  2. so fun! I love harry potter and when I was in Orlando it was the most exciting thing ever! I think he would like this cake, but he wouldn't tell you;p

  3. Sue, I think you are right! He'd never admit it :)

  4. Oh my goodness! Harry Potter themed cakes and recipes?! Ahhh, I LOVE it! Huge HP fan over here, and I'm so excited to look around your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!

    Brie from

  5. It look delicious, I don't care how mean Severus was, I'm sure we would have appreciated it!


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