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Monday, March 25, 2013

{Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Cookies}

It's time I came clean about something. I'm a Disney addict.

See, the fact is, I've always loved Disney movies, who doesn't? However, I was never "into" Disney. The collectables, the jewelry, the clothes.

Things change, man, things change.

As I mentioned in this post, the Magic Kingdom is the place I never knew I wanted to visit.

In September, at 39, I made my first trip there. Ever since then, I've become infected. My brain has been addled. My mind is not right. Disney. Disney. Disney.

Send help? No. Wait. I don't want no stinkin' help!

I LOVE DISNEY. I'm not the least bit ashamed.

Here we are at the Magic Kingdom. So excited, we could barely breathe!

What you see there, is my first pair of mouse ears. I now own 9 pair. I can't help it, it's the Year of the Ear. What's a girl to do!?? Now, 6 pair are mini ears. Not Minnie Ears. Mini, as in tiny.

Cause yes.

I have pics of me wearing my other ears, but I won't bore you here, you can see them on instagram. haha.

Anyway. I've been missing Disney so much, and we won't be back there for over a year. I just felt like I needed to bring a little Disney into Easter. And I decided to drag Darla along too. Really, it didn't take much convincing (read, no convincing), because she, too, is a Disnerd.

Trolling the internets looking for Disney goodness, I came upon Mickey Easter Egg cookies that they sell at the parks in the spring and decided to put my own spin on them. You can see the originals here, on A Cup of Disney (scroll down a little).

I used an egg shaped cutter & a shot glass sized glass to cut out the cookies. Then I just squished the ears to the egg a little (they'll bake into each other), and baked.

I covered these in fondant. Thought fondant is not my favorite thing to eat, it does make for a great presentation. The Marshmallow Fondant that I used is pretty good actually. I'm still more of a buttercream girl though!

I cut the fondant to fit, added a little icing (make some buttercream or a little canned frosting will work) to 'glue' the fondant on. I added dots and tiny Mickeys to one (dab on a little water to the back of the accents and the fondant will stick to itself), a larger Mickey to one, and stripes with a Mickey to another. There are lots of ideas for decorating these guys though. Go wild!

I painted on a bit of luster dust to give a little shimmer.

The cookies are rolled to a 1/2" and baked about 8 minutes, so they are still soft and chewy,
and amazing.

I can't keep the Bean's hands off of them.

How cute would these be packaged up in Easter baskets? Sure to delight little ones, and big nerdy ones like me!

Even if you don't go the fondant route and top with a sweet, tasty buttercream instead, they would be totally adorable.

Clearly Easter. Clearly Mickey.

Now, you have to see what Darla made! She's starting with the exact same dough, so you could make both cookie types from the same batch!

It's gonna be a Disney Easter up in here!

Tina, Disnerd Extraordinaire


Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Cookies

Food Coloring
Luster Dust for Fondant (optional)
Sprinkles for Buttercream (optional)


  1. You're putting these in my Easter basket, right? RIGHT?!

  2. Love these! Had my first trip to disney just in feb, and I am a convert now too! Your Mickey eggs are perfect for spring and Easter!! You and darla are so cute!!


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