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Friday, March 29, 2013

{Bunny Feet Cookies}

Easter is a crazy busy time of year around here. I'm sure it is at your house too. 

The Bean's birthday is always close to Easter (April 9), so since the whole fam damily is already here for Easter dinner, we just have his family party the same day. His huge, massive, 20+ teenager blowout comes in May when it's warmer and drier in Ohio, cause, yeah, they aren't all partying in my house.


Anyway, I have much to do today (treats for 15 Easter bags, sculpt more fondant items for the Bean's birthday cake, make Hot Cross Buns), but I had to take a second and post these for you.

Cause I love you.

These are made with a basic rolled sugar cookie dough, buttercream, plain sugar, and pink chocolate (or white chocolate tinted pink).

To get the foot shape, I used a cheap Easter egg cutter that I squished it a little. For the toes, I used the medium flower cutter in this set by Wilton. 

I think that the little toes the flower makes are super cute, but I'm fully convinced that these would be cute just with the egg shape if you cannot locate the flowers.

After that, I melted up some pink chocolate, and piped toe pads and paw pads onto parchment paper.

As those dried, I iced the cookies in a buttercream, and topped with tons of sugar!

Cause sugar.

Once the chocolate was dry, I peeled them from the paper and placed 3 toes and 1 pad onto the cookie. I used the back, flat side of the chocolate. 

And that's it! Bunny feets!

Delicious, delicious bunny feets!

Hoppy Easter!

(Yeah, I just went there.)

Hope you have a fantastic Easter filled with sugar and joy!


Bunny Feet Cookies

Cookie Cutters
More Sugar for Topping
Pink Tinted Chocolate

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