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Monday, April 1, 2013

{Doctor Who Birthday Cake}

The Bean is about to turn 16. Incredible, unbelievable, totally annoying, but true.

My baby isn't a baby anymore.

Every year, as I mentioned in this post, since the family is already here (his birthday is April 9th), we have his birthday get together on Easter Sunday. He has a huge blowout each year in May, when it's warmer, with masses of teens, but the family party is on Easter.

He has declared Doctor Who is favorite show, so, it seemed only natural to make him a Doctor Who cake. I'd considered Harry Potter  & a general "geek" cake (with elements from lots of geek shows/movies), but I went with my first thought of the Doctor.

I've only been using fondant since Christmas when I made my Buche De Noel, so I'm still quite a noob at it.

You can see my tutorial for easy ducks & frogs  here. Do you want to see it after I just called myself a noob? I dunno, but they are SUPER easy, and totally cute!! SO, yes, I think you do.

I set to work determined to make this cake though, and this is the result.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

wibbly wobbly TARDIS. Or, as my friend Lynette so kindly put it, 'artistic and stylized', with a tiny fez.

Fezzes are cool. 

Know what else is cool? Yeah, bow ties.

The TARDIS is fondant wrapped around a Rice Krispie Treat base, the rest of the elements are full fondant. I made the shapes for the door (and yeah, I never got around to the windows, oops) with a piece of thin cardboard folded into a square).  For the dalek, I used tooth picks for his eye and arms with fondant accents and a food writer. The 16 is just rolled fondant, the stars are simply cut with a cookie cutter. The bow tie is rolled, cut, and folded fondant.  Everything is washed with a Luster Dust to give it a sheen.

The cake itself is two 8" layers topped with two 6" layers.

So, there you have it. The Bean's 16th birthday cake. No, the one in May will NOT be this complicated. Actually, it's just going to be cupcakes. Easy and peasy.

I'm not gonna lie, it was super sad to see this chopped up! However, his Facebook comment made it worth the effort.

Thank goodness.


Doctor Who Cake Supplies

2- 8" cake layers
2- 6" cake layers
Rice Krispie Treats
Gel Food Coloring
Small Star Cookie Cutter

*I used almost 2 recipes

** insert into the cake for sturdiness (I used about 8 cut to fit)
and 2 for the stars.


  1. Gorgeous Cake!!!! And happy birthday to him!

  2. Love this! Love all the different elements you put.

  3. That's almost the coolest cake I've ever seen, but I think the pod race track I made for my oldest son when he turned 5 beats it by a hair or three.

  4. GREAT cake! My boy turns 16 next year and he LOVES Dr. Who. I may have to bake him this cake. Awesome!

  5. Nice!! What a great creation to come up with independently; and kudos to you for being brave enough to take it on. :)


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