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Monday, April 22, 2013

{Star Wars Party}

It's almost that time of year. In just a couple weeks, it will be Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth, the Unofficial Star Wars Day.

I love May the Fourth. I walk around all day saying, Happy Star Wars Day! If I get quizzical looks, I say, "May the Fourth be with you!". Then people realize how big of a geek I actually am and run away screaming.

Nerd alert!

May the Fourth has become pretty popular over the last few years, so more and more people know about it, which to me, is both more fun and less at the time time. I realize I am a complicated woman.

I'm ok with this.

It's been almost an entire year since I threw this party, and sadly, I have no plans to do another this year. May is always crazy busy anyway. This was a very simple party to pull together though. I've mentioned that my parties are often super easy with the occasional one that requires months of planning. This is definitely the former. In fact, I had only a few ideas until the day of. Much of this requires little to no prep.

One of the most important things about this party are the little name signs. You can make them like mine, or just type the name on a piece of paper. If you don't make the signs, your party really loses the impact. Here is the font I used, Star Jedi. It's free at!

There are lots of Star Wars party ideas over at Pinterest. If what I've got doesn't float your starship, head on over there. They have MUCH more complicated parties & different ideas as well. Some of my ideas are from there, but many are my own.

The Food:

Padme's Pizza: Pizza

Pretzel Rods, dipped in white chocolate & sprinkles*

Yoda Soda:
Green Hawaiian Punch, Frozen Orange Juice, 2 Cans of Sprite, Rainbow Sherbet

Coruscant Rolls:
Cresent Rolls

Chewy's Cheese Spread: My 1.2.3. Cheeseball

Qui-Gon Ginger Snaps:
Ginger Snaps (store bought)

Totooine Trail Mix:
Chex Mix (from a bag, in this case!)

Cantina Chips: Tortilla Chips

Wookie Cookies: Cookies (store bought)

Cloud City Cake: Angel Food Cake (store bought)

Ewok Droppings: Chocolate Covered Raisins

Hanburger Cheese Dip:
1/2 Pound Hamburger, browned
1 can Rotel tomatoes & Green chilies, undrained
1 pound Velveeta, cut into cubes

Place all into crock pot on LOW, stir occasionally until melted (about an hour)
Serve with tortilla chips

*the lightsabers would have been much better in chocolate colored red, green, etc, but I didn't have any, and I mentioned, I did most of this day of.

Upon arrival, everyone picked a name tag from the pile (name side facing down). I got this one

Yeah, I'm a total kick butt, take names kinda princess. Let's forget the part where I made out with my twin brother though, eh?

Really, George Lucas? REALLY???

We happen to own Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, so, we played that.

Then we ended our night with our classic Game Night game. Visual Telephone. You can see photos of that here.

So, that was it! Just a quick, fun party for Star Wars Day. This would be great for a Star Wars Watch Party too!

Also, please note my niece's totally cool Lightsaber chop sticks in the first photo. She wouldn't let me keep them. Her heart is icy and cold.

Have a great Star Wars Day everyone! May the Fourth be with YOU!



  1. Hello! LOVE your Star Wars birthday party ideas. I was wondering where you found the Star Wars font?

    1. Hi Cullen!

      I just googled Star Wars font and this was the one I liked most. It's called Star Jedi.


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