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Saturday, November 23, 2013

{ Doctor Who 3D Glasses Cookies }

Happy Who-liday!

Can you even believe it? The Who 50th anniversary is FINALLY HERE.

In this house, we've been reading/talking about it for months! And finally... here!

I was once told that if you put more than one exclamation point in a post that you are over doing it. There should only ever be one. Um. SUCK ON THAT, MAN. It's excitement time!!!!!!! Woot woot!

I had many ideas for a 50th Anniversary treat, but none of them stuck with me until I came up with this idea. I mean, Tenny in his 3D glasses? I'll take 2, please.

The idea of "stained glass" cookies combined with a glasses cookie cutter just seemed too perfect... and so...

I used a sugar cookie dough & the basic instructions for Stained Glass Cookies (links at end of post). I did find that crushing the candy super finely did not have a happy result. Bigger chunks work better. (There are nice visuals in the Stained Glass Cookie post I'm linking). You will also want to roll your cookies quite fat. More area for the candy to melt.

I found my cutter on Amazon, of course. It's a solid cutter though, so I had to improvise for the lenses. If you have a small round or oval cutter, you are in luck. I didn't, so I took a medium sized icing tip and squeezed it a little. I popped it back into shape when I was finished, but I realize some people might not want to squeeze their tips. Improvising is fun!

After cutting the cookies and placing them on a parchment lined baking sheet, return them to the refrigerator to chill for another hour. This will help them hold their shape much, much better.

I washed mine in a quick and easy glaze. They really didn't NEED this. It didn't make them white like the glasses, but it tastes good. You can totally add royal icing or buttercream to yours if you'd like them to be white white.

In case you are wondering HOW excited Bean is for tonight? Well, there's this:

We are off to the store to get ingredients for Pizza Bread to go along with our cookies. Perhaps I'll pick up some Blue Hawaiian Punch for TARDIS blue drinks!

It's STILL not too late to go ALL OUT and throw a Doctor Who Party. The ideas in this post are super easy!

Be sure to take the TARDIS over to see what Darla made up at Bakingdom for the 50th. They are AMAZING, AMAZING Doctor Cakes. GO. SEE. NOW. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cakes.

Just a few more hours now, folks!

Also, I like exclamation points, so there! :p



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Doctor Who 3D Glasses Cookies

Stained Glass Cookie Instructions *
Sugar Cookie Recipe (I used this instead of what is in the stained glass post)

*I used Jolly Ranchers as my candy


1 cup powdered sugar
1 Tablespoon Corn Syrup
1 Tablespoon Water
splash of vanilla

Mix together
Brush on cooled cookies with brush

Or you can use-

Royal Icing
or Buttercream

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