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Sunday, November 14, 2010

{“Cakes have layers”}

“You know, not everybody like onions. Cakes! Everybody likes cakes. Cakes have layers.”- Donkey, Shrek

So… today was my hubby’s birthday dinner.

I made him a cake… of course. Not much of a birthday dinner without cake is it?

He’s a plain kinda guy. You know what I mean. Likes chocolate cake. Likes yellow cake. 

The end. 

No spice cake. No red velvet cake. Not even German chocolate cake.

I was supposed to make him a chocolate cake, from a box (cuz that’s how he likes it) with white icing.


I gotta kick this up a notch.

I like stripes.
Stripes are pretty.

So, i baked cakes.

Not cake. Cakes.

1  chocolate, 1 yellow.

That’s lotta layers.

Intention- 6 layers.

Reality- 5 layers.



I coulda sworn I had the whole thing on the rack….

Let’s move on from my failures, shall we?


Chocolate icing between layers


stack, stack, stack!


Crumb coat (aka “dirty ice”)


2nd coat of icing and….

Ta Da!


No, icing cakes is not my strong suit.

Thanks for noticing :D

The best part is that, other than being tall, no one will know the secret until you cut into it!

Much like the Rainbow Cake

I’m all about big reveals  ;)

And when you DO cut it… they will ooooh. 

They will ahhhhhh.


And they will say….

“You are so clever!”

At least they SHOULD say it. 

If not I advise new friends. If it’s family… good luck with that.


They will also say… YUM!

Because in the wise words of Donkey, “Cakes! Everybody likes cakes. Cakes have layers!”.

This one just has more than most ;)
By the way, this cake is so tall, I had to serve it on dinner plates instead of dessert plates! Gotta love that, eh?

*note- since there were 3 layers per cake, I baked them for 25 minutes instead of the 35 it said on the back
of the box.

With a whisk and a dream… Tina


  1. Did they ewww and ahhh? I think it's pretty!
    So, if they didn't ewww and ahhh then ... pssstt on them! LOL

  2. Ogres are not like cakes!

    But your cake looks yummy! I will have to try this for Thanksgiving!

  3. What a great idea! Looks very yummy too!

  4. Fabulous, Tina! You did a great job kicking it up a notch! Happy Birthday to Scott, too!!


...because life should be sweet.


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