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Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Taste the Rainbow…Cake}

I baked a cake! From a box mix! And I used canned icing!



That’s a little underwhelming.


Wait… what’s that I see there??

“Show me more!”, you shout.

“I will oblige,” I reply.

And so I do…



Yes, I made a Rainbow Cake.

Not the Rainbow Cake that I WANT to make. See it here.

I’m lacking 4 round cake pans, and about 10# of patience.

I WILL make it though.

On a side note, I’m taking up donations for round cake pans.

And 10# of patience.

To make the rainbow cake, which I have seen in several spots across the net, including Omnomicon and All Recipes, is much easier, or so I would assume. Still very messy, but still very fun.

First you use your basic white cake mix.

Invite Betty, Duncan, or the Dough Boy to help here.

Since I fail at life, and only had yellow… you’ll understand that my colors are a little off. 

Mix according to directions, then spoon out into 6 bowls (or however many colors you want to have in your cake).Color using GEL coloring if possible. These only require a little to get a vibrant tint. You’ll want 5 colors about even amounts, with one color, being your base color, to have a little more batter.

Please ignore the purple in back. 

She’s unattractive, and she knows it. 

She’s very ashamed.

Then layer in pan one color at a time.


Prettttttttttty. Well, except Purple there…

Then bake according to package instructions.

When I saw these, I started to cry. Because they were ugly.

Then I realized my tears would make the cake soggy. 

Then decided I needed coffee.

And a life.

Baking before 9 am is hazardous to my mental well being.

After cooling, frost. Cause you didn’t know that part already, right?

I make a mean Buttercream icing. Sadly, I am out of Crisco, so I couldn’t make it.

I have canned Buttercream.

It’s SO not the same.

The males in this house care not though. 

It goes something like this.. “Grunt” “FOOD” “Grunt” “CAKE!”.

And all is well in their world.

Once frosted, I cut, held my breath, and….


Oooooooooooooooooooo…… aaaaahhhhhhh!

And Purple isn’t even that ugly! Aww…

I can already see this being used for many occasions. 

Green, Red, and White for Christmas.

Red, White, and Blue for Independence Day.

Lots of colors, like this, for birthdays.

I feel like this could be topped with M&Ms for an M&M themed party.

Red and Yellow for Gryffindor for a Harry Potter Party!!! 

Mmmhhhmmmm… I think I’ll be doing that one.

With a whisk and a dream…and food coloring stained fingers… Tina


  1. This looks beautiful,might have to try this.

  2. It's beautimus, Tina! I love it. I'll have to give it a try someday. :-)

  3. Hannah wants one - I dont fancy doing the layered type so this would be mucho easier

  4. A question - when you put the batter in the tin - did you do it from the inside out or the outside in??

  5. Bottom up.

    Purple, then blue, red, orange, green, and yellow. Just plunk down your 1st color, then add the next on top, and the next, and so on. They spread out an make the rings, but without totally covering the color below.


...because life should be sweet.


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