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Saturday, January 26, 2013

{ Chokladbollar: Swedish Chocolate Balls }

Do you know how to say that word up there?

Yeah, me either.

I've gone through my phonics trying to work it out. Chalk-lad-bowl-are?
Chock-laud-bow-ler? Chuck-lah-boo-lur?

I have no idea, but it sure is fun to try. Go ahead, you know you wanna.

You ever notice some words sound weird if you really think about it?

Ok, if you REALLY think about it, MOST words sound weird.

Muck. Burlap. Squirrel. Toes. Corn. Squishy. Purple. Skillet. Turtle. Chair.

Even weird sounds weird.


ANYWAY... (<---------how weird does that word sound? Oh my gosh. I think I need medication. med-ih-ka-shen).

Recently, while trolling the web for ideas to use the Pearl Sugar I had left from my Vanilla Bean Liege Waffles, I came upon this little Swedish treat. Now, actually, this takes Swedish Pearl Sugar (Swedish recipe, Swedish sugar...go figure) and I only had Belgium, but hey, we'll make do eh?  You really don't need pearl sugar at all, it's just a fun finish.

These are quick and easy. No cooking. No baking. Made from things you probably already have at home.


I found them on the blog (blog. LOL), She Simmers. Fun site. I'd never been there before. I love her category listings on the side. Check 'em out.

She got the recipe from a reader of her's named Mikael, who is Swedish. This is his recipe for Chokladbollar, so they are authentic Swedish Chocolate Balls, not Americanized*.... yet. See below ;)

This took 2 minutes to mix up and about 10 minutes to roll. That's IT.

The Chokladbollar have a yummy mocha taste to them. The Bean, not a coffee fan, labeled them "Interesting", but good. "Just interesting" (his words).

I like 'em. Yes, yes I do.

*However.... Being a born and bred Buckeye, I'm already plotting to remove the coffee and and insert some peanut butter. Or, hey, maybe some Nutella.

Yes. I think so.

You can roll these in Pearl Sugar, regular sugar, or coconut. I enjoyed the coconut most.

I also used Pure Cane Sugar on some of them.

You could use colored sanding sugars as well.

These would be great for holiday get togethers & for gift giving!

Click here to go to She Simmers for Mikael's recipe!

Chaulk- LAD- Buller?






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  1. You are so funny Tina!! I love the Ferris Bueller reference! These look absolutely delish, but I have a bit of Buckeye in me too and I think PB would be great. Let me know how they turn out if you decide to change it up a bit!


...because life should be sweet.


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