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Monday, January 7, 2013

{ Gooey Cheesecake Squares }

Ever have one of those trippy moments as an adult where you are just like, "Wait... whattttttt?". You know, the ones that leave you feeling as confused as Bill and Ted on their Excellent Adventure?

"Whoa... duuuuuuude."

I had one of those a few weeks ago.

I was out to lunch with my friend Jackie. She was one of my best friends at church growing up. She recently moved back home and we try to get together about once a month for lunch. 20 years had passed since Jacks moved away & we lost contact, but when she moved back, it felt like yesterday.
We always have way too much fun together.

Jacks and I were sitting there talking about the good ole days of Sunday School. We LOVED our teacher. Kids could not wait to hit Jr. High so they could be in Joyce's class. Joyce was legendary. She was just generally great. We loved her parties and other all her other fun activities. Her Sunday School lessons were never boring. She made coming to church fun at an age when it, let's be honest here, often isn't. Grades 7-12 were the primo time to be a kid in Sunday School at our church, thanks to her.

I am now the Jr High/High School Youth Leader/Sunday School teacher (along with our Associate Minister, Robby). Now, I don't wanna sound big headed or anything, but the kids love me. The main difference, however, is my maturity level. Joyce was very mature. I'm a 3 year old. Ok, fine, I'm a 13 year old. I geek out over the same things the kids do. I listen to the same music. I watch the same shows. I read the same books.

And apparently... they like that.

Except Bieber. I'm sorry. That's where we part ways.

I'm still the adult, but I'm just cool like that. ;)

Plus, I bring them baked goods.

Surely, that's not why they love me though. 



Anyway, as we were sitting there talking, it all hit me.

"Jacks! I'm JOYCE!"

Jacks: "Yes, you are."

When did this happen? When did I become a grown up? Who let me be in charge of other humans? WHY did they let me be in charge of other humans?? Are they SURE they want me to be in charge of other humans???

It's all so... well... trippy.

What you need to know upfront here though, is that our youth grouppers are amazing. I'm not sure how we got lucky enough to get the group of kids we got, but we did. They are smart, witty, well behaved, and just generally phenomenal kids.

And since I promised them mention:

Eric, Gabby, Caitie, Jarrett, Emily, Danny, Seth, Alyssa, Lauren, Dare, Alex, Tate, PJ, and Katrina... and also to our newbies:

Robby and I love you guys. Thanks for being awesome.

Ugh. Mushy stuff. Grody.

Moving on.

What does that all have to do with this recipe?

Very little.

Except that I got this recipe from one of the Bean's old Sunday School Teachers.

This is a very rich and tasty little treat. It goes FAST whenever I make it. Even people who don't like cream cheese love this puppy.

It's fast. It's easy. You'll wanna make it.


So, thanks, Sharon!

Gooey Cheesecake Squares

1 box Yellow Cake Mix
1 stick butter
1 egg

1 package cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350.

In a mixing bowl, add the cake mix, melted butter, and 1 egg.  Beat until it forms a dough.
Press this into a lightly greased 9x13 pan or dish. This will be a play-doh consistency.

In mixing bowl again, add the cream cheese and eggs. Mix until well combined. Add the powered sugar, mix on low until incorporated.

Pour over the dough layer.

Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, until the edges are brown.

Dust with powdered sugar.

Allow to cool & then cut into squares.


Wait. I mean Tina. Yes, yes, I'm Tina.



  1. Love that this recipe is so easy and fast, can't wait to try it out

  2. Yum! There's not much better than a quick and easy bar cookie. Your kids sound very lucky to have you--fun teaching and treats to boot!


...because life should be sweet.


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