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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{ Top Twelve of 2012! }

2012 was a great year for Sugar Bean Bakers.

I've had a lot of growth on the site, I've made things I always wanted to (especially this), but never tried, celebrated SBB's 2nd Anniversary, I posted my first party ideas, my first non-food tutorials, and my first travel tips.

Not to mention I made a great new friend! My first real food blogger friend!

So, exciting times.

I'm going to post the Top 12 posts of 2012, however, a couple are not recipes. Soo... I'll also post the top 12 Recipes of 2012 (making 14 posts in all).

Are you ready?? 

14. (recipe #12) -Straight from my elementary school cook's recipe book,  

13. (recipe #11) -For Dr. Seuss' Birthday, I made these crazy tie dye cupcakes.
Because crazy tie dye just screams "Dr. Seuss"!

12.  In celebration of my SECOND favorite ginger,  (hey, the Bean is a red-head!), I whipped up this Homemade Cocoa for Ron's birthday

11. I love chocolate and mint together. And, hello? put brownies in the mix and you have a true winner! For St. Paddy's, I made

10.  When the Bean was little, it was such a PAIN trying to find good Valentine's Day box ideas. You'd think they'd be all over the web, but in my years of searching, I came up with precious few. So, my first non-recipe post makes an appearance in the countdown.

9. Reese's Cups are by far the Bean's favorite candy, so, of course, I had to shove them in a cupcake & then top said cupcake with Peanut Butter Buttercream. It had to be done.

   8. Ironically, this cupcake, not the Reese's I just posted, is the Beans F A V O R I T E cupcake.
Of course, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cupcake + Cookie Dough Buttercream does seem like a no brainer for #1 in his book.

7. A family classic is next. My grandmother in law's (aka Grammy) Strawberry Pie. It's just about hubby's favorite thing in the history of forever.

 6. Next is something I THOUGHT I'd created. Of course, I didn't. Darn internet full of darn creative people. Alas, I was pretty proud of myself, and the Bean has deemed them necessary at Easter forever now.

 5. This was simply summer day fun that I decided to share with you. I had no idea it'd be so popular! They are super pretty & people really do enjoy them, so, you should definitely try this sometime!

 4. This was an idea I found via Pinterest. Simply Peanut Butter Blossom cookies with chocolate hearts instead of the normal Hershey Kisses. Very cute & festive update for Valentine's Day.

 3.  My other non-recipe post. I'm over the moon stupid with happy that this is such a popular post! A lot of time and love went into this party. It went over in real life amazing, and I'm so excited that it is so popular on my blog too! It makes my geeky little heart go pitta patta.

2. I love when my playing around in the kitchen with no real plan works out. This worked out very well. So well, that I make this often now. Very popular with the chocolate & mint lovers in my life! I even did another version of it for Christmas.

Here is the Christmas version- Candy Cane & Chocolate Cupcakes

Here is the original, crazy popular post

 And... numero uno is..........

1. This recipe is so popular that since I posted it in August, it has been the number one hit on the blog EVERY DAY.  EVERY. DAY.  So, without further adieu, I give you....

 That's all, folks! The top 12 recipes of 2012!

It's been a great year & I'm looking forward to what 2013 brings.

While it may seem a little selfish, I'm really hoping for more comments this year. The only way I know you like a post is by stats. I get precious few comments on anything. If you like a recipe, please consider popping me a reply.

Thanks so much.

Here's to a sweet 2013!!!!!!!!!!


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