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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{ Memory Jar }

Remember this?

It was one of my first posts of 2012.

I got the idea from, of course, Pinterest. It seemed like such an awesome idea.

I did one and the Bean (aka, sentimental hoarder, he'll be on the show one day) did his own.

Little did we know what all would happen in 2012.

 A trip to Disney? We had no clue.

Meeting one of our favorite authors & YouTube stars? You're kidding?!

Monthly "game nights" weren't even in the plan at the beginning of 2012. We managed to get in 10 of them though! I even posted about a few.

My long planned for, much talked about Harry Potter party, would it happen this year?

Yeah, yeah it did!

Speaking of Harry Potter, we finally made it to the Wizarding World!

It's kinda crazy what all you can stuff into a jar. The rule here was, once in, not out until Jan 1, 2013.
So, we'd forgotten about some things. A fortune cookie fortune from our January game night, the Valentines I made in February, Mardi Gras beads from our Murder Mystery Party in February, Finger Lights from the Bean's birthday bash in May, and so much more!

It really was a lot of fun to go through. We're shopping for our new jar today!

Bring on 2013!

This was a really fun new tradition. We take our Christmas decor down a few days after Christmas, but we leave up the tree, which we swap over to a New Year's Eve Tree. 

So, we didn't have much in the way of taking down decorations, but putting the tree away is always the saddest part. A pick me up, after it was away, and everything was back to normal, was to open our jars and relive the year in memories.

Here are a few photos.

My jar stuffed with 2012 moments and memories

The Bean reading the "Nerdfighter Note" we found in a John Green book
(John Green fans leave notes in his books)

Piles of memories. Here you can see "Pensive Memories" from my Harry Potter party (the plastic diamonds), Mardi Gras
beads from our Murder Mystery party, finger light from the Bean's birthday, Magic Kingdom guide map, there is also a ticket from when we saw "A Day in Pompeii", Valentines, movie stubs, the ER bracelet from when I cut my foot open by dropping a dish on it on Valentine's Day, Ren Faire map, items from assorted game nights, Wizarding World Map & tickets, Magic Kingdom tickets, and so, so, so much more!

Here you can see a playbill from the Bean's Summer Drama Troupe, his induction to the National Honor Society, and a lot of the other stuff I already named off .

I can't wait until I have a shelf full of these jars.

Can you imagine how much fun THAT will be going back through?


Love, cupcakes, and memories be yours in 2013,


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