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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

{ Cherry Limeade }

We are just three weeks away from the unfathomable now.

Bean will start his senior year of high school. I can't even, folks. I. Can't. Even.

For years he's wanted to be a History teacher, high school or college level. Now that push comes to shove, he's decided IT is where it's at. I can't even complain about this. Someone to fix my computer issues for  free? Uh, yeah. I'm all in.

I'm not prepared for his 'lasts' though. I'm fully prepared to be THAT mom. The one that cries at all the events. I can't even help it. He's my widdo baby boy!

I know the world is wide open to him after this, and so many fantastic things are about to happen for him, but, gosh dern it, I'm sad. And if anyone doesn't like that, well, they can go suck a lemon.

Or, how 'bout some lime instead? (How cheesy was that segue?)

I've done several lemonade recipes, but, never a limeade. Of course, cherry limeade is the first that pops to mind!

I love the tart lemon limeyness of this paired with the cherry. I do add sugar. You can omit this if you wish. Your drink will be slightly tarter.

Today it is over 90 degrees and drippingly humid. Yes, I totally drank this WHILE I shot these photos.
I'm the only one here that likes it though, so there's still one up for grabs. Any takers?


Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Cherry Limeade for Two

For two glasses:

4 tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice
2 tablespoon sugar*
4 tablespoons maraschino cherry juice
1/4 cup cherry juice (I used Juicy Juice)
2 cups lemon lime soda

In a liquid measuring cup add the lime juice, sugar, and cherry jucies. Stir together. 

Add crushed or shaved ice (I prefer shaved) to glasses and fill 1/2-2/3 way full. Add soda. Pour 1/2 of the juice mix into each glass and swirl with spoon or straw. Garnish with maraschino cherries and lime slices/wedges.

*omit or use less for tarter drink

Adapted from The Pioneer Woman


  1. Thanks for sharing a drink recipe just for two. Usually it's a whole pitcher of the stuff, and I never make it through. My baby is starting high school this year, so I can't even imagine what it will be like three years from now. I'm already freaking out.


...because life should be sweet.


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