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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

{ Easy Cheese Balls & Dips }

I'm digging back in my archives for this post. WAY back for some of them. You'll notice the difference in photography alone.

Who cares what the pics look like though, because the recipes are still YUM.

I've rounded up some quick, easy, and tasty dips and cheese balls for your party tonight.

I've yet to decide which we will have tonight. I should probably figure that out soon.

1.2.3. Cheese Ball


This is my mother-in-law's recipe and it is a HUGE favorite around here. So, so easy.

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball


This recipe is from my mom and is equally loved.

Buckeye Cheese Ball


The idea for this recipe started with the above Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball and ended up here, in Deliciousland.

Ranch Cheese Ball


This recipe came from a reader named Donna.

Now on to the dips!

Holy Moses Dip


This recipe came from my friend Lori, but the name is all me ;)

Reuben Dip


My recipe for Reuben Dip.  Sauerkraut is our "lucky" food for New Year's in Ohio.

And finally-

The Big Cheesy Dip


My Bean's favorite dip!

Wishing you a dippy, cheesy new year with many memories, blessings, and good things.


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