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Friday, January 6, 2012

{ 2012 Memory Jar }

I bought this yesterday and wanted to show you all.

It's a memory jar for the year.

Basically, it's a $4 cookie jar from the Mart of the Wal with sticker letters applied.

Throughout the year, you drop 'memories' in it. 

Like movie stubs, report cards, birthday party favors, receipts from special purchases, children's artwork, photos, letters, souvenirs from trips, cards... whatever!

Then on Dec 31 you open it up and go back through your memories for the year.

Such a clever idea, right? All your memories from the year stored in one location.

I wish it was my idea, but it's not... I found it on Pinterest (if you don't already, follow me here ).

The idea is from Kelli Crowe. You can see her original post right here.

I plan to get a photo on mine, but haven't yet.

This would be a great idea for a bridal shower/wedding gift. The newlyweds could drop memories from their first year together in it and save. Equally great idea for a baby shower gift. Baby's first year... awww....For family far away- drop your memories in, then pack up and mail to them (you can get shatterproof jars as well, or a tin, etc) at Christmas- or for New Year's Eve- and they will be able to 'share' your year with you.
First year of college would be good too. The possibilities are endless.

What can you come up with?

Tina :)

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  1. well how clever is that? Way better than the pile I have on my craft table, that I keep knocking over.

  2. Wow--such a great idea! I always wonder if I should save my ticket stubs, etc. This would be a lot of fun to open up on New Year's! Fun tradition! And "The Mart of Wal"?! Ha ha!


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