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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{ New Year’s Eve Tree }

When the Bean was little, I was addicted to Family Fun Magazine. I subscribed for YEARS and I even bought some of their hardcover books.

I was flipping through an old book (Family Fun Homemade Holidays) recently when I came across "O New Year's Tree".

Great idea, right?

It's an idea I stored away until The Bean was old enough to appreciate it.

Then... of course... I totally forgot about it. FOR. YEARS.

 Until I found the book again :)

Tonight I have taken every decoration in my house down, except for the tree, which now looks like this:

I had the hats & leis already, I save them from year to year, but if you don't and won't have time to rush out and buy them, I found this hat template.

As soon as guests arrive (which is mostly going to be teenagers), they can nab the hat/mask/noise maker they like off the tree, but the balloons stay put til midnight.

I stuffed my balloons with fortunes and cheesy jokes.

 Find cheesy jokes  here, and  the“fortunes” that I found here.

I also added cash dollars or coins, and confetti.

As for the confetti:
Yes, I do realize that confetti makes a horrific mess, but hey, it’s tradition here to make a horrific mess on New Year’s Eve.

I’m cool with that.

If you are not, leave out the confetti.

At the stroke of midnight, pop away my friends, pop away!

And yes, the confetti, if you dared to use it, goes everrrrrrrrrrrrywhere.

Good times.

The Bean and I are total Christmas addicts, so this is a good way to wean us off the holiday high. Decorations are put away, but the tree still stays, and with a purpose.

I can see this being our New Year’s Eve tradition from now on.


I plan to be back before New Year’s but if I don’t make it back, may you have a happy and blessed 2012.


Be careful about putting paper close to lights & do NOT use any 'poppers' on your tree!

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  1. Great idea.I always leave my Christmas decs up till new years day but if we were ever having a NY party id definitely do this.


...because life should be sweet.


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