Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{ Pure Stinkin' Genius (icing bag tip) }

Watch this video. It is total genius for taking the mess out of icing bags.

I wish I'd seen this video about, you know, 10 years ago.

Wait, was YouTube around 10 years ago?

Thank you, Karen's Cookies! You are one smart cookie (ha, see what I did there?? ).

Perfect for holiday baking & decorating.

Click HERE for her website!



  1. Oh so neat! Must try that icing bag trick.

  2. Thanks for the icing bag trick....
    One teeny tiny comment...
    make sure you use ample plastic wrap and that it is securely wrapped up before you start the twirly thing at the end...
    Yes...I had a blow out...
    But luckily the icing only left in one big burst of expulsion onto the countertop...
    Second try worked like a charm!!!

  3. I tried it out yesturday and it worked like a charm.


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