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Saturday, December 24, 2011

{ Christmas Eve Eve Baking & Making }

By the time I hit "publish" on this, it will no longer be Christmas Eve Eve, it will be Christmas Eve! 
Was that hard to follow? Sorry.

In the last minute baking and merry making catagory, I have this...

Today, I made 120 "Baby Jesus Cakes" or "Birthday Cakes for Jesus". Whatever you wish to call them.
I quite enjoy the term Baby Jesus Cakes, so we will stick with that. You know, cuz it's my blog and all that.

These will be given out on Sunday to the families at my church. My minister asked if I was up for the job. How can you say no to your minister asking you to make birthday cakes for Jesus? The answer is this...
You can't. :)

These photos are from my phone, I totally forgot my big girl camera. My mom and I spent a few hours at the church today making and packaging these. I'm pretty sure packaging them took longer than baking!

The packaging is a rather cool idea, yes?

I wish I could take credit, but I totally found the idea on Pinterest, which is pinned from this site, Cookie Madness.  

Oh, Cookie Madness, you so clever!

After that, it was a run to the grocery for Christmas brekkie food . We are just having pancakes & bacon... homemade pancake syrup you say?

Why, yes, yes, I do have a recipe for that.

Also, I had to get supplies for the Bean's Christmas get together tonight.

He invited his girlfriend, his cousins, one cousin's boyfriend, and our friends Stephanie and Bobby.

I ended up making sloppy joes/sloppy nachos and

We played Dirty Santa (in which the Bean won a Justin Bieber poster and was quite unamused, the rest of us however, enjoyed this greatly), video games, and Apples to Apples... all in all a good night :)

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so that means I will be making the Bean's favorite cake, from the Pioneer Woman.

It's been tradition for a few years now, and this kid is more about tradition than your 85 year old grandmother, I guarantee it! He is the reason we are still using the craft foam star on top the tree that he made at 2 and a half years old, the reason why we are still hanging the same stockings that we've hung since he was born, the reason why he opens a gift every Christmas Eve, and so much more. He's a stickler for it.

But honestly, you've gotta love that in a 14 year old boy. I know I do.

I've said this before, but this time I'm reasonably certain that this WILL be my last post before Christmas.

I wish you many happy moments, memories captured, much joy, and traditions relived.

May it be magical.

And filled with sugar.

Merry Christmas, much love...


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